Where are my buttons?

All my buttons are M I A. I refresh and reboot but still no buttons. This is happening to me more and more lately.

That looks weird - I’ve never seen that myself, neither on desktop nor mobile… That said, it could easily be an update - I update the forum software every day, sometimes more than once a day. Maybe something slipped in - they are usually very good at catching it though, and fixing it quickly… I’ll try updating it again tomorrow (there are no updates right now).

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It’s fine now. It happens about 3 to 4 times per week and will last 2 to 4 hours.

when you say reboot do you restart your phone all together?

Yep, I restart the phone. I need to figure out how to clear the cache.

go to settings
find crome or your browser
then you should see option to clear cache

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Thanks Q1… I’ll make sure and try that when it happens again.

Or press ⋮ and, tap “History”, then tap “Clear browsing data…” - there you can select only “Cache” to just clear the cache :smile:

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I have lost my message cloud top right. When there’s a message the blue number just floats somewhere above my profile button, not clickable. I’ve cleared my history and cache, doesn’t make any difference/

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I finally figured out how to “quote” people the correct way. Happened on accident, lol.


Yes, apparently there has been a design change in Discourse (the forum software) - notifications and messages now reside inside your profile button. Click it and there is a “Messages”, and below is a list of notifications :smile:

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Thanks Daath, I’ve found it!

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