Where can I buy pipettes in town

Okay I have 300 pipettes ordered but wont be here until Dec 17th- Jan 15th!!! Does anyone know any kind of store where you could buy some in bulk? I read that beauty supply stores have them so I went up to the local beauty supply shop and sure enough they had them for 99 cents a piece!!! Lol. Way too expensive. So if anyone knows anywhere I’d appreciate it! Thanks guys

Amazon…I got a box of 500 for about $12.00…in 3-4 days

I used to get them at a local hobby store, when I was building R/C gliders. They were a smaller version, for getting glue into hard to reach places. They may have other sizes.

I’m sure the prices are inflated though, compared to bulk pricing.

Might try a pharmacy?

Do not know which town you are located in, but could try googling medical/lab ware/ school/college /plastics /hardware etc. supply.

Could use 1 ml. syringes for pipettes.

Michaels, the craft stores, carry them

They are expensive as all hell vs online but I have seen them at their stores


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