Where can I buy the old custard with diacetyl?

Can you buy vanilla custard with added diacetyl anywhere? Seems like I can’t. Did I miss the good stuff? Why do just a few people have to ruin it for the majority?
Has even one person gotten sick or died from vaping diacetyl. No, I don’t want all this specific info (although it’s good that people do post specific info for some people who might want it). I just want to try the custard with added diacetyl in it. LOL. Personally, I’ve already read as much as I wish to on it. I even got an email from a company saying they don’t add it to anything. I can understand why. Brother suing brother… I just want to try it. Yes and probably continue to vape it if it’s delicious. Hopefully that is and will continue to be my choice. Maybe not. Maybe I can’t buy it. Is that the bottom line?

Sorry to hear about that. Addiction is tough, as most of us know from our time as smokers. I can’t imagine having to watch someone go through that.

As far as the diacetyl, from what I can tell it isn’t used in any of the flavorings unless it’s in something like watkins or mccormick butter flavoring or possibly Lorann’s since those are both specifically food flavorings. I think what you’ll find is that flavorings we use can contain acetoin, a precursor to diacetyl, and acetyl propionyl, a diketone or the same type of molecule as diacetyl. People have gotten terminally ill from inhaling diacetyl fumes, but they were mostly workers in the flavoring industry. One guy filed a suit and won claiming he got ‘popcorn lung’ from the diacetyl released by microwave popcorn. From what I remember, though, he was eating multiple bags of popcorn every day.

Someone please correct my information if it is wrong!

At this point I don’t think any flavoring company wants to advertise that their product has diacetyl in it. There’s the bad press as well as litigation possibilities. Like mentioned, independent testing showed that the FW Yogurt had some, so it’s possible their Vanilla Custard or others of their flavors also have it. The main bad thing with FW is they explicitly told people their flavorings didn’t have it, so they got caught in a lie. Companies that sell their juices and label them as diacetyl free are now at risk themselves because of those lies. Also recent testing by Vaporshark of the flavors they sell showed a bunch of juices with it in it, so there must be some raw flavorings that contain it. Not sure how to figure out which ones without doing testing, which is expensive. TPA is very open about which of their flavors contain acetoin and acetyl propionyl. I think they taste much better than their DX (diketone-free) versions. Some people say that Chinese flavors may have it, and maybe even some other foreign countries, where they may be less inclined to be influenced by the wave of ‘concern’ going around in the US. [edit: one company that Vaporshark claims has diacetyl in their juice claims that is false. See their response here: http://www.cyclopsvapor.com/blog/diacetyl-and-acetyl-propionyl-reports-from-vapor-shark]