Where can I buy the old custard with diacetyl?

I want to try it. Honestly I don’t think small amounts with hurt and/or it’s still not as bad as cigarettes. I’d like to compare all the different brands of vanilla custard. If someone has some they want to unload, I might go for that if it’s the only way to get it not. Otherwise it might be possible to buy it as an ingredient??? Well it’s also in “I Can’t believe It’s Not Butter”. I came across this interesting link: Flavor Science: http://flavorscientist.com/what-is-a-flavor-chemist-food-scientist/ Also saw another page on making your own extracts. They were using vodka. That’s interesting. I pick lots of wild Blackberries every year here in Florida and make jam with them. That would be wonderful. Anyway… Please let me know where I can get the custard with diacetyl in it. I searched and searched for a couple of hours and cannot find it.

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TPA VANILLA CUSTARD - quite a peppery flavour that subsides after 7-14 days

CAPELLA VANILLA CUSTARD V1 - quite intense before steeping. Really mellows after steeping and the creaminess comes to the forefront.

CAP is my preferred out of the 2.

I’ve tried cap v2 and its ok but has a nuttiness that some don’t care for.


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@Joya here’s a link to Bull City, they have a big variety of flavors including the ones with Diacetyl. This is CAP Vanilla Custard

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@Joya, [quote=“Joya, post:1, topic:21161”]
Can anyone tell me where I can get the old vanilla custard WITH Diacetyl in it?

Most places will list the custard as a V1 or have in the description that the flavor might contain diacetyl. The Flavors Apprentice has a Vanilla Custard original with diacetyl. Capella has a V1 vanilla custard with diacetyl; Bull City or Ecigexpress sell it I think.

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Thanks so much. I knew about the V1 and V2 listings, but it doesn’t say that it has it, so I hesitated.

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HOpe someone sees this. I didn’t want to start a new topic. Can anyone tell me where I can get the old vanilla custard WITH Diacetyl in it? I would like to try it. I’m trying to shop today. Please answer so I can get it now while hubby says okay to spend the $$. LOL. Thanks so much, Joya

I started a “Vanilla Custard” topic in flavors for ya.

Don’t ever worry about starting new topics! It’s what this forum is all about…new topics.


This is version 1 with Diacetyl. Enjoy!

I merged 3 topics into this, perhaps a little confusing, topic ;D


We have CAP Vanilla Custard as well as CAP Vanilla Custard v2 without it. We also have the LA Colorless Watermelon and Banana Cream flavors.

@daath If this isn’t allowed, please just let me know.



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Was just going to suggest your store, good thing i scrolled to the bottom before hitting reply. Ive almost got my order list complete.

Joya: Now this is just MY opinion but Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) is much better than TFA’s old custard. In fact it is the only custard i use anymore. FA’s is pretty good but it is completely different. It is a real European custard whereas VC V1 (CAP) is a vanilla pudding like Americanized custard. Very creamy and rich tasting with lots of mouth feel.


@Joya FA’s Custard has a slight lemon smell/taste to it but I like it quite a bit; especially when mixed with their Classic Vanilla.

You know what though… They have the warning behind a lot of the flavors and none state V1 or V2. I wonder if none of them are actually the V1? Should I just buy from the Capella site to be sure. Also, do you guys know if second - hand sellers dilute the concentrates. Have you compared them?

According to the TFA and Cap sites, the TFA Vanilla Custard and Cap V1 Custard do NOT have added diacetyl. TFA says that none of their flavoring have added diacetyl. Capella specifically says in their description of the V1 Custard that it doesn’t have added diacetyl. They use acetoin and acetyl propionyl, which are related to diacetyl (they are all diketones) but they are not all the same thing. There may be some trace amounts of diacetyl in those flavors as a result of the manufacturing process, but it is not an added component.

Recent information has surfaced that even though FW claims to have no added diacetyl, independent testing has show that that at least their Yogurt flavoring actually does have quite a bit in it. Given that, even what is in FW Yogurt is still about 10 times less than is what is in each cigarette. I don’t know if that means that other FW flavorings also have diacetyl in them.

Some people are concerned about all diketones, but there is no absolute science that says any of them are really a problem for vaping in the qualities of vaping. Studies will no doubt continue.

Yes I did realize about the trace amounts some mention they are created when the chemicals mix together. Last night when I was trying to order Vanilla Custard with diacetyl, Bull City Vapor had warnings on a lot of the flavors, but they didn’t list V1 and V2. I looked at comments people had made and it looked like it was the V1 so I went ahead and ordered it. I wonder if it is or isn’t the custard with diacetyl added or IF I can even buy it from Capella. Oh ya, on second thought, I do remember where the V2 finally did pop up as something else I might like (but it was not listed on the Capella flavors list), and I did order it also. To sum it up, I placed an $80 order at Bull City Vapor and got hopefully 4 oz bottles of both V1 and V2 by Capella. I also go the Lemon Sicilly and Meringue and some others I did not have. Most of my flavors are TPA. I’m up to about 180 flavors now. I’m also stocked up on nic juice. I’m just about out of my mix of Peach Custard. I’ll wait until my Capella custard comes in the mail until I mix some more. QUESTIONS: Why not microwave ejuice to speed up steeping? I just heated a 15ml bottle of Rasberry Colada for 30 second. BOY that was too long !!! It boiled over and was steaming. Of course it was a glass bottle and I removed the dropper/lid. I’m testing it out now. Hmmm. My taster is broken this morning. I’ve already done a go around on each device trying to get a good taste going. Usually I don’t get to that point until late in the evening. Perhaps some toasted marshmellow will revive my tongue. LOL. Can you all tell, I need a friend to talk about these things. Do I seem annoying? Hope not. Again… I really appreciate all the help and encouragement. Wanted to tell you all… Yesterday I learned about how mixes get stronger with time. It’s true! I’m adding some VG to a couple of things in my tanks this morning. Also… for a few days now, I just can’t seem to get a good tart apple flavor. Any suggestions? I’ve tried adding “Bitter Wizard”. I’ve tried adding FA Green Apple. Maybe some acidic acid or salt? Oh and another questions… Does anyone know why or when you would add alcohol to ejuice? I have some grain alcohol in the fridge and I’m wondering what it would do. It’s actually 100 proof moonshine. It’s clear. Well, looking forward to any and all replies. Off to read all the new stuff you have written. Lovely day my friends. Joya

I wouldn’t microwave something with nicotine in it. Consensus seems to be that it can alter the nic content of your juice. I imagine the bottle could break too? Try hot water bath or microwave a bowl of dry rice and stick your bottle in that…probably a safer bet. Here’s a couple of links about steeping if you’re interested. :wink:

As for the tart apple, you might try some Sour (malic acid) or some citric acid (lemon or lime juice). Alcohol is usually used as a diluting agent in high VG mixes from what I can tell.

Thanks. I’ll have a look for next time. Already placed an order.

JoJo, Once again… You are wonderful to be so knowledgeable and provide such good information. I didn’t even think about how microwaving could alter the nicotine. The “Raspberry Colada” is a no go anyway. I don’t love it. It’s okay, but there’s better in my cupboard. Speaking of cupboard, my hubby is out in the garage trying to fix the shelves in my cupboard. I can’t wait to see it. I had someone put shelves in a wooden cabinet for me, but he used wood that was too thick, and my bottles were too tall and rubbing at the top. I’m trying to hide all this right at the coffee table where I sit a lot. I have a bad back and spend a bunch of time sitting or laying here. Can’t wait to get my Vanilla Custard ect order. Hopefully know one will steal this order. I had a thief take my birthday order — a $91 order from My Freedom Smokes I got for my birthday. It’s awful when someone steals from you. What an invasion. I’m still angry every time I think about it.

My pleasure and that is awful!! Did they take the package? Could you contact the USPS or is it the type of thing that once it leaves the hands of the delivery guys it isn’t their problem? I love Amazon for that…they’ll usually comp you if your stuff gets jacked. Sometimes you can alter your shipment to require a signature. If this is a common occurrence you might see if that’s something you could do. I hope it makes it to you as well!! Good luck. :smile:

I did. Oh the forms. I may get reimbursed my $91. Actually it was two pkgs stolen out of my mailbox on the same day. It was presents for my birthday!. The other was worth $19 both vape stuff. I’ll file a claim for that one too. Hope whoever stole my stuff is enjoying it rather than sold it for drugs. I have an idea who stole it, but no proof. That person is going to jail soon anyway. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone and in fact bailed him out. But, at least he’ll be off drugs once he’s in jail and won’t die. Yes, it’s a loved one. Hard.