Where can i get some good bottles?

looking to make a lot of juice and need to get some bottles. I live in the UK but I would like to know where to get some good but cheap bottles! 30 ml preferably

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you looking for glass droppers?

it would be nice but I can handle the squeezy deal too

Iv’e put a few people on to this guy, best bottles I have ever had and definitely the best droppers, I bought 50 and got them for 85p each but someone on here got him down to 73p + postage, I’ve had bottles from all over and these were by far the best ones.


nice thanks a lot man

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anytime man :+1:

I’ve dropped 2 so far, first one the dropper smashed into a million pieces, the second one I put a crack in the bottom corner.

They are really good bottles and I saw he dropped the price the other day to £5.75 not sure if it is near ending he does that

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I bought some 30ml plastic bottles from here, really good bottles reasonably priced and quick delivery:

Google vapemate coupon