Where to buy 500ml+ Flavors

Hello Vapors
I’m searching for a trusted website that I can purchase
500ml + flavors (TPA, CAP, FA, INW…etc) sealed or repacked
and can ship to Canada & Kuwait
If you have any info please share
thank you ^^


Check Nicotine River they definitely sell 500ml bottles of Concentrate. Great pricing, And they do ship internationally.


Wait, did you want 1 order at 500ml+
or 500ml+ size bottles ?

If you’re buying large quantities, wouldn’t it be better to buy directly from the company making it ?
I’m sure all of them would welcome 1 guy (/company) buying 40 gallons (or liters) of 40 different flavors - probably get a wholesale account set up and get even better wholesale pricing. Right ? You’ll be selling it (I’m assuming) so get a wholesale account.

Would they rather have 250 small orders totalling 1 gallon, or 1 monster order for 20 gallons ? Hehe, don’t forget to ask for some sample bottles !