Where to buy batteries in the UK

Hey guys.
Any of the UK members got a recommendation for battery suppliers in the UK?? Stocking up on LG HG25’s for when my wismec mod arrives.

yeah man ‘Torchy the Battery Boy’ on ebay, 1 sec I’ll give you a link…



This guy has a very respected reputation, no blag batteries from him.
I get all mine here and never had an issue, great customer service too.


Torchy’s current price list on ukvapers. I believe it works out a little cheaper buying thru the forum (have done several times) than ebay. And he will answer any question or problems via his dedicated thread or by pm on there

Ecolux is another vendor mentioned in the UK for batteries


I did not know about the forum thing…you live and learn, thanks buddy :+1:

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Awesome :slight_smile: thanks again guys! Time to order a crap load of batteries I guess :slight_smile:

Hmmm dosent seem to have the LG HG2 batteries though :frowning:

http://eu.nkon.nl/ has some really good prices on Batteries.


well he did do, I got mine from him a while back for my RX200…:thinking:…I think…

I’ll see if I can PM him. thanks man. Take it they go good in the rx200? That’s exactly what mine are for.

yeah they were perfect man, great choice, never had an issue with them…I’m thinking now actually I may of got mine from Fasttech…In fact I think I did…:disappointed:

the one time I didn’t get from torchy lol…:rolling_eyes:

Cool. I did a fair amount of reading before I made the choice. Now to order six of those bad boys and a nitecore charger. Then I Gota sit and look at em for a week or two before my mate is ready to sell me the rx200s!!

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His user is Torchythebatteryboy right?

On UKVapers it is, Not sure if he is on here if that is what you mean? Just pm him with any questions you have thru there.

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