Where to buy concentrates!?

Afternoon all,

Just wondering if anyone can help/recommend some concentrate vendors, i only really know the vapour depot and nearly all the flavours i need are out of stock!

thanks in advance



This page has a list of vendors.

Before you jump on the TPA/TFA train I highly recommend taking a look at Real Flavors Super Concentrates.


had that link at the top of the page the whole time! been a long week at work haha.

yeah i will check them out thanks:)

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I totally understand. By Tuesday of this week I felt like I had worked a weeks worth.


Real Flavors. Keep an eye on the RF thread for giveaways and promotions. Entering from the resource page gets you an automatic 10% off

Walt is starting another sale today.
Bullcity has great prices on small 8ml taster size flavors and many are rebottles you’d have to buy a large bottle for. discount 6% off
OOOflavors.com has a standing 25% off through ELR and low shipping prices with 400 plus flavors.
Flavorah has a standing 10% off ELR code

Just posted it :smiley:

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