Where to buy the best Nic for the best Price

Hey Guys/Girls,

Just wanted to grab some thoughts on where people are buying their Nic and whats the best to use currently. Right now i buy mine from MFS but I feel they are over priced at times. Any thoughts are welcome as im always wanting to learn new things and products.

Thanks in advance!

Nicotine river, ecx, liquid barn, liquid labs all use nic select. I like they’re nic so whatever is on sale is what I use. I’ve tried vaperstek and it was harsh to me. I still have some in my freezer. I’ve gotten nude nic and it was good but for the price I’d stick with nic select. I’ve used wizard labs and my freedom smokes as well. I’ve never had a problem or preference really on any place I’ve ordered from.


A lot of people (myself included) like Nicotine River. Their prices are great, their customer service is stellar, and they sell NicSelect which is said to be some of the best. If interested, I try to keep the post below up to date with the latest info.


Thank you for your input very helpful.


Thank you for your reply to my post. Very helpful and gives me some further ideas. thanks again!!!


Nicotine River is my go to. I’ve tried several and prefer them hands down.

Here’s a link for their website.


Thank you for your comment looks like I will be using nicotine river from now on. Thanks again!!!

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I used to buy flavors at three different places, the shipping costs were killing me. Now I can get everything I use at NR and only pay for shipping one time. I save between 5 and 15 bucks a month thanks to them. Every Cent counts with me.


Ecigexpress 40$ 100 mg liter of nicselect plus free shipping after 65$ and 10% off coupon code (UNDERGROUND10) vs the same thing from nicotineriver for 60$ no free shipping no coupon code


I ordered nicotine from @River_Supply_Co a week or so ago . I have to say it is pretty amazing. I made some of my go-to juices and the difference was incredible. I even made the same juice with my old nic to compare. The strength seems to be more accurate and the flavors pop , If that makes sense.


anyone know the cheapes uk site to buy nicotine?

Thanks man awesome feed back I just ordered some from there so we will see how it goes thanks again for the reply to my post

In the UK i use a company called Make My Vape Quality is great and all liquids are pharmaceutical grade

EDIT: Now I use Darkstar :wink:

This ^

If you’re going to buy from NicRiver, buy from ECX instead… same nic but cheaper.

Just curious…was it VT premium or VT “throat hit” nicotine which was harsh to you? :thinking:

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TastyPuff in Albuquerque, NM has, if you have an account with them, quarts of NicotineSource brand nic for $59 and gallons of VG or PG for $25 :smiley:



I agree with @GPC2012 there is no finer nic than Nic River. I have tried others but nothing compares. There price is unbeatable for the quality that you are getting. I enjoy it very much.

Also customer service is top notch.


I am from Germany and all nic base I ordered was from owl-dampfer or avoria… never had any complaints.

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U.K. darkstarvapour.co.uk

Also Great prices on VG & PG.

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