Where to buy US flavors in Germany?

Where do you guys in Germany buy flavors?
I’m mainly interested to Capella, FlavourArt, TPA, Inawera and FlaworWest flavors and looking for some some web shop located in EU where to buy at affordable prices.

Any experience to share on buying in USA from http://www.ecigexpress.com or https://www.bullcityflavors.com ?

Thanks for help.

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Check out the resource page for vendors and some discount codes.

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I’m in Britain, and having similar problems buying the flavours I want., But, that said, you’ve listed some highly popular flavours there , so you should be alright. Check out the resource page, as Josephine suggests.

As for ordering from ECX. Well, going by my experience, l you’ll be OK if you’re willing to pay in Bitcoin. But if you want to pay by VISA…aaargh! VISA USA have insisted that the ecig retailers verify the ID of people who are ordering first time , apparently. Which ECX interpret as: send us a copy of your passport, or else,tough, no trade. Meanwhile, PAYPAL USA don’t want the business of E-cig traders, so basically, you’ve got all the freaking financial institutions over in America doing their bit to clamp down on the evil vape trade. Grrrr.

And if you can find your way round that lot, you then have extortionate American Postage Rates to contend with , ofc. :rofl:

Best stick on this side of the pond, if you possibly can.


max…did you check out Chefs Flavors in UK…they have a ton of flavors…and thier shipping is very reasonable…I am from the USA and I have ordered there… https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/ if you join their facebook page you get 10% off…

hope this helps you out

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Thank you all for the suggestions :blush:


Flavour Art is an Italian company, you can buy direct from them (flavourart.com). Useful for rare flavours and non diketone free flavours if this is your thing. They ship worldwide from italy.
I am a big FA fan, most of mine came from flavourart.co.uk. Chef’s flavours does rebottle them as “Flavour Creative”. Worth it for a single flavour order but I usually get mine from flavourart.co.uk, the loyalty point, the 6 for 17 and the full catalogue makes it worth it. They also ship super quick.

Inawera is Polish, IIRC. Broadly available around. Often not all of it from the same place :):upside_down_face:. You can also order direct form them but I understand it is complicated.

I am pretty impressed by Real Flavors at the moment considering the price. ( try this to convince yourself: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1290787/Bust-a-Nut%20(RF%20ver) )

In UK: vapable.com, chefsflavours.co.uk and rainbowvapes.co.uk seem to have all I can possibly need and all ship EU, I believe.

You could try Pure Flavours, in Germany. They have some of their flavours marked for e-cigarette. I just got their ginger to try an sub the elusive Nature’s flavor ginger organic and the finger test took my tongue away.

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you mean “diketone free” or “not diketone free” ? :thinking:

FA Italy unfortunately doesn’t ship to Germany due they have a local distributor. I will try to contact them, mostly for not easy to find flavors. Maybe I can get an exception, due I’m Italian :wink:

And thanks for sharing the tip about Chef’s Flavours rebranding :+1:


I do mean non diketone free, or diketone containing. They are available direct from FA as cooking flavours but not as vaping flavours, the latter being what resellers usually stock. Pandoro, panettone and whipped cream included, to quote a few notorious.

I avoid diketones when possible as I don’t find them pleasant, but will not rule out a flavour because of them.
I do avoid sugars as the taste of them burning on the coil is very unleasant to me, as well as them being generally unnecessary and potentially toxic.

Well, I also try to avoid diketones and acetoin as well.
Anyway, being an italian I’d never think to vape panettone or pandoro. Id’ prefer to eat it, and only on Christmas :wink:

Sugars (or their substitutes) is something I’m also trying to avoid and this is one reason I prefer to do my juices. Commercial juices use a TON of sweeteners.

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Anyway, being an italian I’d never think to vape panettone or pandoro. Id’ prefer to eat it, and only on Christmas :wink:

I would have thought that you would have had an obligation to vape panettone after christmas and pandoro for easter. Possibly coal on the 6th of January if you did not quite make the mark for la befana. I know it would be like this at mine. Since I am unsupervised I have panettone whenever I feel like, but I prefer eating it :yum:

Sugars (or their substitutes) is something I’m also trying to avoid and this is one reason I prefer to do my juices. Commercial juices use a TON of sweeteners.

Horrible stuff. I blew a coil on the first tank of a “premium” concentrate I had diluted myself on wednesday. Brown goo everywhere. Will teach me to be tempted by these.
Only one I have been impressed thus far is from Drip Hacks. Got some solubarome waiting to steep as well, because who doesn’t like an easy shortcut. Jury is still out on these guys.

Good luck with sourcing your flavours!

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I’m getting the impression this is changing a bit. Every so often, when I feel lazy or need inspiration, I still pop in a vape shop to try some juice, mostly one-shots. Maybe I’m just picky and selecting the non-sweet juices but they don’t seem to add so much sweet stuff anymore. I’ve got some flavor concentrates that are sweeter without added sugars than most of the commercial stuff I would buy in a vape shop.

I hope its ok to write my answer in german? :wink:

Hallo Maxvapee
ich kann dir chefs flavours ans Herz legen, hab da schon mind. 5x bestellt und kann nicht meckern! Mit dem Code UKV bekomnst du 10%

Ich hab auch schon bei ecx bestellt (hauptsächlich wegen grünem Tee und FE Lemon). Das geht auch Problemlos, aber das Porto ist brutal hoch! Zoll hab ich keinen gezahlt, obwohl ich um ca. 150 € bestellt habe.

Meld dich wenn du noch was wissen willst!


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Thank you Christoph!