Where to get concentrates from (London England)

Hi guys just a quick one, I’ve been vaping for years and have decided to start making my own liquids and has become a bit addictive,
Just need a bit of advice really on where to bey my concentrates from,
I have done a lot of research about this but there is many websites out there, I’ve orderd from a few and they dont seem like the real thing,
I’m looking for the best place to get these brands

Flavour west
The flavor apprentice

Any advice would help


Where are you located? :smiley:


What @anon84779643 said




London england



these are all good


Thank guys you much appreciated


Also try https://chefsflavours.co.uk



They are really nice as well and ship stupid fast. Flavour art only though.

It is not what you asked, but I think you’ll save yourself some time avoiding most of flavour west. I can’t think of a flavour from them I can’t replace with something I like better, and some of their flavours contain sugar.


When I’m trying out new concentrates I buy 10ml bottles from usually Rainbowvapes or Vapable. When I want larger quantities I go to


as they do minimum 30ml bottles. (They also rebottle FlavourArt concentrates as their DarkArts range and they’re significantly cheaper than the FA branded ones).


Just remember, the more info you can give, the better someone can help here :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun, lots to learn and take your notes!!


Thanks guys I’ll be looking at all these websites and hopefully I get mixing soon,

Yes jelly bean I have used darkstar 2 times I got there banana man with i think I brought to much of, but fast shipping.

I just want to make simple recipes start if with like 3 or 4 flavours and go from there, I like cake based flavors cheesecake, biscuits, waffles so I’ll start with them,

What is your opinions on make my vape I’ve brought a few concentrates from them but they look really dark and they dont really smell of anything, there biscuit smells really good, but there vanilla custard smells like pure alcohol its really strong.


Steeping is your friend. for bakery / Custard recipes, I usually steep for 1 month before even trying it.


Try them again after 2 - 3 weeks steep


Some concentrates are dark… if you go to chocolates and coffees, they can be as dark as the product they’re supposed to represent and that’s no problem as long as there’s no added coloring.
Well actually, I’m not 100 sure that coloring is harmful but I try to limit my intake of them.
Alcohol is used as a flavor carrier and will disappear after steeping. If you vape those concentrates as a shake and vape, it won’t kill you but it will be very harsh and often not enjoyable. Steep all your juices. Fruits can usually be vaped after 1, 2 or 3 days (depending on who you talk to), bakery, creams and tobaccos require a lot more steeping IN GENERAL (there are exceptions).

When you get your flavors, you should do some single flavor tests. This means testing your concentrates as single flavors and at different strengths. That way you’ll know the working range for those flavors (using them for single flavor juices as well as in mixes) and how they would combine with other flavors. This is REALLY important if you want to create your own mixes and not just use other people’s recipes.

All this info is already asked time and time again on the forum. I highly recommend spending some hours reading through the forum, especially the e-liquids > beginners section (and the general section too) where you’ll find all the necessary information to get you up to speed in the fastest and best way possible.


I’ve been getting all my flavors from the UK for almost 3 years. I use Chef’s Flavours for most of them and Rainbow Vapes to fill the holes. CFs has a line called Flavour Creative which is Flavor Art bottled by them under their label. I’ve been using if for quite some time and it’s the same. I use lots of FA so I’m sure about it.

Just an FYI…a 10 ml bottle of Fuji Apple costs the following:

Flavour Art UK 3.30 Gbp
Flavour Art from Chef’s Flavours 3.20 Gbp
Flavour Creative 2.00 Gbp

Oooh, I just was looking at Rainbow Vapes and they have a line called Italian Artist (FA), which is probably safe to assume it’s Flavour Art. They must have worked out the same deal as CFs has with FA Italy.

10ml Fuji Italian Artist 1.59 Gbp…that’s pretty good. However, you can only get it in 10ml bottles. CFs sells Flavour Art only in 10ml bottles as well. However, if you end doing a lot of DIY, you’ll find yourself buying some flavors in 100ml bottles. It gets really cheap that way.

A 100ml bottle of Fuji of Flavour Creative is 11.00 Gbp or 1.10 Gbp per 10ml.

Ooh, I was just browsing CFs and they’re having a really good sale on Capella…a 100ml bottle of French Vanilla v1 is 6.50 Gbp, it’s normally 11.00 Gbp.

Also, Vape Train is also on sale.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole :laughing:


Thank you for all this info it’s so helpful the stuff I got from make my vape is shit, it tastes like white spirit :joy: nothing like it should taste like but I’ll learn from my mistakes lol

But I’m looking at these websites you have told me about and it looks good I’ve orderd a few flavors gust to try and I’m going to do that for all the sites you’ve all given me and I’ll go from there, I’m in no rush to start making my own recipe, so hopefully I get mixing again soon,


Vapable has Arte Italiano (i.e. the same Flavour Art) and sells the same for £1.49 :wink: They do sell bigger bottles too, 30ml (3x10ml) 100ml and 500ml.

  • free UK delivery over £10, free EU delivery over £50, free worldwide delivery over £100

HI mate, I’m down the road from you in Kent.

+1 for Vapable as others have said, cheap and cheerful and free delivery over a tenner.

Chefs do Flavour Art under the branding Flavour Creative

Dark Star uses the name Dark Arts

The E-Cig Shop has Flavor Max

Vapable is Arte Italiano

There’s probably a different name for Flavour Art for every shop, but you can usually work it out if you compare all the names.

Happy shopping :smile:


I have used just vape 247 for years now and cannot fault them on price or quality.
They also do a range of ’ Blended one shot’ flavours which I love especially the Fanta range, they really seem to have that fizzy taste.

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