Where to get nicotine

I’ve never ordered nicotine before and am a little nervous about ordering. I’ve heard that nicotine from some vendors can really make the juice taste bad and would really like to avoid that. I was getting ready to order some from nicotine river but would really like your opinion before I submit an order. I haven’t looked anywhere else but there. AS a side note, I was going to bet the E-Liquid Nicotine - 100mg / 150ml, 100% USP Propylene Glycol. Does that sound right?

Nicotine River has good nic. I’ve been using it all year. The only thing I would recommend is not getting 100% PG… Try 50/50 or something like that. 100% is so thin that it would be real easy to put too much nic in your juice because it comes out of the bottle so fast. 100% VG is good too, but not so easy to shake which is necessary.

I got smaller bottles in VG for exactly the reason @ffrank says, it’s easier to control while mixing but you have to shake it vigorously for a few minutes before use. Also consider getting 24mg/mil. This may be a personal preference but I did so for my peace of mind since nicotine is a serious poison in higher concentrations.


Yep, nicotine river has good nicotine. I agree with @Z_Hobbit , especially if you’re new to handling nicotine you might want to go with a lower strength. It’s more forgiving if you drip and extra drop or two into your recipe, and safer in case of an accident.

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But if you do use 100mg Nic you can put it in your bottle first that way if you do go over you can always take it back out before your other ingredients go in ( just a Tip for someone New )

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True! :slight_smile:

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@carol2 Welcome!

Nicotine River is hands down the best source around these parts for NicSelect branded nicotine.
Unless money’s no object, then it’s hands down CXTC.

One thing that you need to keep in mind with several tips that have been offered above, is that several reference “dripping too much” or pouring issues. These assume that you are mixing by weight.

If you don’t understand what that means, then I’ll assume you plan on mixing using a syringe. Which, if that’s the case, PG is what I’d strongly recommend for a few reasons.

  1. PG is far less susceptible to “hot spots” of Nicotine than VG is. The higher you go in VG content, the higher the chances of having a hot spot occur is.

  2. It’s easier to shake (faster too) and use, than what VG is.

Many here prefer using a scale when it comes to mixing, but even some of those folks prefer to use a syringe when it comes time to dispensing Nicotine.

*Disclaimer: I personally use syringes for the entire process (flavors and Nicotine).


@River_Supply_Co is the only place I will buy nic, since they showed up on ELR.
I buy 48mg and 60mg 100%VG and never a problem.
I mix by weight, but use a syringe for my nicotine.

Yes, thank you for adding that! I’m so used to measuring by weight now that I forget that people mix with syringes too! :laughing:


Thanks so much for all the tips. I was even thinking about buying smaller bottles and freezing. Is this a doable thing, I don’t want it to go bad. I will be doing it by weight and I thought I would ware gloves to protect my hands in the event of an accident. I usually use syringes. I love the idea about putting the Nic. in first, thanks a lot for that idea. and getting it in smaller amounts sounds smart.


Yeah, it’s very doable. My “daily use” nic bottle is a 15ml, which usually lasts me about 3 weeks to a month (using 100mg/ml), so if you go smaller nic (24mg) you’re going to use more, so you might make your ‘daily’ a 30ml.

Regardless, the reason I like the smaller daily, is IF I had a spill, there is less going everywhere, less to clean up, less risk to safety. Everything else can be broken down and stored in the freezer. Filling tip: if you are super careful, and fill over a sink (I kept the water running as I broke mine down) fill it to the rim if there’s no dropper. That way you minimize air in the container while it’s in storage. After they’re full, rinse them, pat them dry, and tuck in a Ziploc Bag. Then off to the freezer!

Nitrile gloves are a must in my book. Smart thinking on your part! =)

Just to throw my two cents into the ring…I mix my liquid at 2mg, 40% PG and 60% VG so keep that in mind. I buy my nicotine at 100mg/ml and 100% PG. I dilute it myself down to 24mg to keep as my ‘working stock’ and I keep the rest in the freezer. I feel better about working with 24mg cuz I’m lazy and I hate gloves (you should still wear gloves, especially if you’re new…there, don’t shoot me FDA). I keep the ‘working’ bottle out with all my mixing stuff cuz, like I said, I’m lazy. lol

As to the actual question, I bought some Nic River recently but haven’t used it yet. So far, I’ve used a lot of My Freedom Smokes nicotine and it was great. I also used Heartland Vapes nicotine, and what I’ve used has also been fine. But, a few people did report (about 6 mos or so ago maybe?) that it was peppery. Don’t know if it was a bad batch or a new norm so take that FWIW.

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I’ve had good results with my freedom smokes nicotine too. No complaints. :slight_smile:

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I read that as a noob 48ml nicotine in PG (less chance for hot spots) was better. So I purchased from Nude Armor they have great nicotine but shipping can take a week or two.

A plus for me with nicotine in PG and lower % is I can mix with flavors and VG to get my 85/15 to 75/25 mix. no extra PG required.

I wasn’t crazy about Nude Armor Nicotine. I traded mine for Nicotine Rivers Nic Select and just love it.

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NICSELECT has been the best for me zero tatse super clean , i buy from NR but where ever you choose to but from make sure its nic select

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