Where to get the best creme bruelee

Hello All,

I would like to find a good creme bruelee to mix within some recipes anyone have thoughts on this. I know liquid barn as some but is this the best and do any other sites in the carry this. Thoughts please

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Inawera has a creme brûlée in their yummy classic range. I don’t know the one from LB but I like the Inawera version.


Thank you for the suggestion you are awesome I will try this out!

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I love Creme Brulee and my favorite so far is Inawera’s.


Did you get INW Creme Brûlée? What are you making with it? I am working on some simple mixes with it right now. The DiyOrDie competition had a 3 flavor recipe listed for the winner. Personally I find the VC to overpower the delicate creme brûlée. I’m also working on getting a better mouth feel yet not changing the flavor.

Thank you for your reply. I did not obtain INW Creme Brûlée, but i did buy liquidbarn’s one. I could not find INW Creme Brûlée on the US market anywhere so again went with (LB). Check out my Mc Galil Jr recipe as this is where i used the Creme Brûlée.