Where to obtain stickers from?

right so I have just got hold of a large fridge for my mixing room, it’s an ugly thing but it works, anyway, I would very much like to cover the front of it in vape related stickers, I know…anal right…
Anyways…I have contacted most of the suppliers I use and kindly they have offered to send me some next time I order, but I need looads and haven’t got a single one so far…
Anyone know of anywhere I can buy some??..I’m drawing blanks so far…
any help/pointings in the right direction would be greatly appreciated…

Many thankings :grin::v:

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You could get some made, just grab logos ??

I could help out if you need it

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Could also look at http://www.redbubble.com/shop/vaping+stickers


most vape shops hav stacks of them for free at least they used to maybe not anymore that where o would start

I’ve got a handful of zamplebox and other vape related stickers in the man draw i won’t use.
I’m happy to post to you if you pm me your address :slight_smile:


Hmmm. I bet the Fda is going to start to regulate vape stickers as a tobacco product. Better start hoarding those too. Lol


also you could get a pack or 2 of 50 skate stickers to fill in around the vape stickers

yeah I have sent some feelers out and they’re gonna help me out next time I order :+1: 2 of them got back to me anyway :wink:, it’s a bit of an odd request I know lol

dude are you sure??? that would be awesome! thanks man, I wasn’t actually asking you lot to send them I’d never be so cheeky…actually I totally would but I wasn’t on this occasion :wink::ok_hand:
I’ll pm you…

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also not a bad shout…

Yeah I did think about that actually, just seems like a right arse ache…would be the next logical step tho, and thanks for the offer of help I might just take you up on that :+1:

yea no worries man I’ve no use for them :slight_smile:

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you’re a legend mate, I’ve also just remembered it’s the Vape Expo at the NEC next month…I’d better take an extra bag :smirk:
@Kalahariuk is sending me some over too, you guys are awesome :+1: