Where to put the cotton HELP

From a newbie: They can touch as long as they are in the same post - as they already is kinda connected through the post. (?)

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I don’t know why I thought this, but I thought all the connector holes had to be used?

I don’t know (shit), but I sure would like the opinion of someone who do :laughing:

Not really no. If you just wanna use 2 out of 4 holes you do that as long as 1 hole is on the negative side and 1 hole is on the positive side.

Go with “all the holes need to be used”, and find you way to the freak thread.


Yes they can touch, meaning 2 legs of 2 different coils can share the same hole in lets say the negative post and the same in the positive post.


Hey Hey Hey. I am sry i had to run out and grab supplies from Lowe’s to build a shift linkage for a truck.What? yes. I hope u got your answers, I was lmao cause i was in the same boat not 6 months ago. I stared at my 1st for a while but once u understand how they work its easy.
The center pin of your 510 connector is (usually) your positive and the threads on the outside of the 510 are your negative ground. When they are connected to a mod your whole entire atomizer becomes your neg. and that center post pin is pos. When u fire a mod it sends current thru the pos pin and travels via your wire eventually ending where it mets a neg. connection. U create a coil around a material that holds your juice. Ideally, u want the coil to be in the center of those 2 points so it burns from the inside out, thats why spacing and even leads to your coil helps. If any part of your wire leads or coil touch anything then your resistance will be way lower then your desired resistance.
When u build a new rda/rta, just look at it, there are alot of wierd design. First, find the post that connects to the center(hint would be surrounded by an insulator). Then the neg which would be a diff post not touching the pos one. u want to place your coil evenly between those 2 points. In a dual coil build u place another coil of the same resistance with the same “leg” length parallel to the 1st coil. They build atty’s now with all kinds of TheTinMan1 accepting holes but u dont have to use them. If u look at a coil after u wind it, one lead will be higher then the other, utilize this and put the high side in the neg and low side in the pos or vice versa and do the opposite for the other coil on the other side of the posts. Your build may have looked silly as to where u connected it but it’s all good as long as the entire length of both coil wires are the same, meaning one can be spread more then the other( and now we are in the freak thread).
Thats the easy part, to wick you want the cotton to be tight to pull but not so as to move your coil spacing. Thread your lil joint thru, gently pull it thru pulling back slightly w/ your other hand. Getting excited, ikr. You shouldve cut enuff length to be able to wrap it in undeneath the coil and have both ends meet in the center underneath the coil. U can build that w/ single coil where u would want more length of cotton and have one side of the cotton to go underneath and the other side to go to the side w/no coil. Now u want to fluff it all really good but not having too much in the well, less cotton wicks better then when its all gobbed up. That design is pretty easy to build but w/ bottom airflow u still want to be sure cotton is not clogging the holes or blocking airflow to the coil. When u drip that monster stay away from the airholes or u will be Vgizzing your mod. Paint. paint, paint,
I hoped this helped but as i said iam no expert i just listen to peps that have done it and try it again and again till it works. i know u just asked a simple q but seems a few could benefit from my 2 cents and iam in a cherry (SC) (Real Flavors) mood, just like that not anyhow else! cause i got a new mod this week.! Happy mixing and vaping what you mix!


great reply and ty for the comedy lmao

You can put the leads (coil tails) wherever you want. The main reason you have this style post(s) is if you build with thick wire, mesh, etc. , whereas if you had thin wire, they could go on the same side of the screw, whichever traps the wire/mesh better.
As for the bunny tails (wick ends), they also can go anywhere, don’t need to cover the coil tails, as long as you get them down to the bottom of the juice well. They can even lay flat in the juice well, as long as you don’t obstruct the air flow underneath your coils.
From the pic, it looks like you have less room on the right (outside the lead-top coil), and more room on the left (outside the lead-bottom coil), so I would put the wick tails where there was the most room.
Use a cotton pick and feather them out in the juice well.


which is that one ???

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digiflavor pharaoh

All good advise here. You can put your cotton anywhere you like, just be sure you dont have too much or it’s not gonna wick

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ohhhhhh 10char

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