Where to start?

I’m a newbie here, and somewhat fascinated by all the tech a skimming of the place revealed.

Also, overwhelmed. How does one start about learning all the bits and pieces of custom-made vaping gear?

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When i started there wasnt a lot of info available so it was much trial and much more error, hehe.

So much of it comes down to personal preference, what one thinks is incredible another may think it suX0rZ.

The 3 main parts are:

And in each of those categories there are a multitude of options. Even now, after vaping for a few years, it is a bit overwhelming.

Sorry this isnt more helpful, im just trying to prepare you for the rabbit hole you are about to jump into. :slight_smile:


Getting a rebuildable Atomizer is a good start of jumping into things and starting to understand. This alone is fun for months, if you really dig deep into it ^^


Wait, how does one make more errors than they make attempts? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I heard of Clapton Wires and some 4 and counting subcategories to those, and that’s one atomizer component alone! Haven’t quite figured what the Mod is yet.

Well, not quite ready to do that yet, plus it’s a little silly but I’m hella curious on the tech but not really attracted to the actual use. Silly, I know :stuck_out_tongue:

No fear. If I could do it, you can too. its not that hard. all you need is some wire and cotton ^^ :smiley:
Definitely not that bad. And it usually is the first step into “customizing”. Or what else do you mean with “custom-made”? For sure not building your own mech mods then, I suppose :smiley:

I figure, it means doing everything from scratch, or as much of it as I can :stuck_out_tongue:
For a wave of questions to start with:

What is a mod? What kind of wires are there out there and what’s up with them? Types of coils for said wires? How do you make a clear-what-was-it tank thingy and how does it relate to the whole build? Anything else I want to know about atomizers? How about batteries, what matters on those?

You’d be surprised at how much st00pid rolls out of this black hole that i call i brain.


So, you technically want people to give you a exclusive 101 on the whole topic? -.-
Look for a starting point (like I said, rebuildable atomizer where you build your own coils) and go from there. Makes much more sense than asking people to throw everything at you randomly…
A mod is the device that provides the power (well, it houses the battery), by the way. 3 elements: Mod, Battery, Atomizer.

I am sure, if you google there is a load of info out there :wink:

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More a ‘point me towards an inclusive one and/or add their personal opinions while at it’ :stuck_out_tongue: What’s your guys’ favorite beginner tutorial or whatnot :stuck_out_tongue: Google brought me here first, and here’s where I started asking (not that I’m not looking, but it’s slow and full of highlights, no 101 so far)

…I could look for ‘101’ explicitly :stuck_out_tongue:


And here is the full playlist. Have fun.


Now THAT is what I’m talking about! Thanks bunches!

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There’s a great Beginner’s Guide that was made a year or two ago, by a reddit user that goes by the moniker Jimmith. It’s a great place to start and really helps to get your head around the most common terms. Here’s the link for you:

Give this a read and if you’ve got some other questions(Which I’m sure you’ll have!) then fire away here and we’ll help however we can! Cheers!


There is essentially nothing wrong with questions about vaping gear, but it is difficult to take someone serious when they ask how to build a mod when they don’t even know what it is. After seeing your first topic, I smelled a troll disguised as a rat. If you are serious in wanting to learn about vaping, even though you don’t plan on vaping, you can do your own research for the basics. There is more than enough information available without being lazy and asking people to point you in any direction for it. After you’ve done your own research and still have questions, I’m sure folks will be happy to help.


[quote=“Curious_Cappybara, post:4, topic:144593”]
plus it’s a little silly but I’m hella curious on the tech but not really attracted to the actual use. Silly, I know [/quote]

So. That statement could say a few things IMO.

IF you’re not attracted to the actual use, are you considering using one? Is that a result of some fear or concern (about you choosing to use one, or perhaps a loved one choosing to use one)?

Are you a journalist or elected/appointed official (in any governmental capacity, ie: city/state/federal)?

Are you a hobbyist/professional who’s considering getting into the industry? (woodworking, glassblowing, electronics, millwright, etc)

Need a bit more info on your point of view, or lack of understanding before I’d expend any serious attempt at helping with such questions (at least, as presented).


Im a conspiracy nut…thats my vote…

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I love that! How much fun is it?

Way super fantastic fun! Maybe ill start a thread :slight_smile:

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Whoopee! I would love that…

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, back to the show. (forgive minor high jack of thread)

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No, no and no in that order :stuck_out_tongue: i’m just a fool for everything DIY, ended up looking into RBAs for something entirely different, and was enamoured with the room for customisation innovation and craftsmanship.

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