Which batteries are in your rotation?

Now I have: 4 x 35A EFest Purple without nipple, and one 35A with a nipple. I also have a 20A one, and 2 x Samsung 25R’s. I have a lot of others, but they are no longer in rotation, since they’re all rated around 10A, which just isn’t good enough any longer :smile:

Which batteries are in your rotation?

4 x Samsung 25R since 5k mAh is only sufficient for a day :stuck_out_tongue:


5000 mAh in one day. You vape …a lot :smiley:

Sony VTC4s, because I managed to snatch them before they disappeared.

The Samsung 25R’s and the purple e-fest - are my go to’s

Pair of Samsung 25r’s for Sigelei 100W
2 x Sony VTC5’s for sub-ohm mech mod stuff
1 x AW 18500 (for use in Kylin mod to make it super small)
1 x 18650 eFest black flat top

I love my Samsung 25R’s. I just bought 2 more and also got 2 Sony VTC4’s to give a try.

At this point they are all Sammy 25r’s. I have 22 of them as we have a few mods tho 4 of them are in the box waiting to be used in the future.

i have 2 vtc 4’s and 2 vtc 3’s and a vamped 18650
the vamped doesnt rotate with the others cause it dont last long its more a back up