Which charger do you use?

I use a Nitecore i4 (2014) - I like it much better than my previous one. But I am very tempted by the Luc that can charge batteries at 2A!

Which charger do you use? How do you like it?

i4 here too. My old one doesn’t even compare. I was trying to decide between d2 and i4. Went with i4 and don’t regret it.

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The i4 is sooo good compared to my old crappy UltraFire-charger :slight_smile: I would like a charger that can charge 2A though - but I am satisfied with my i4! :smiley:

Efest Luc V4. Fantastic 4 bay charger that boasts 0.5a and 1a charging on 4 bays and 2a charging on 2 bays. Cuts off at 4.17-4.18v which is perfect.

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I use a Nitecore Intellicharger i4 also, lol… It was well worth the investment in my opinion.

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started with the trustfire (takes way too long to charge 2 batteries)
picked up an I2 - never fully got to 4.2 volts - usually cut out at 4.15
just got an Xtar VP4 - WOW this thing work great - very flexible and fully charges everything

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Xtar VP1. I love this charger!

XTAR VP2 - its great :smile:

I have an Intellicharger D4, it is an excellent charger but it took three to get one that worked properly. I ordered it from Illumn.com, the first one would overheat and shutoff and had a ghost slot that was always charging and it would only charge to 4.15v but showed 4.2v. The second was fine on heat but had a ghost slot that was always charging and would only charge to 4.15v, in both the last slot always showed a battery in it. The third one they sent worked perfectly and their customer support was out of the world, they made me keep the first two and sent me a couple 25r’s for my trouble.

I wouldnt recommend this charger since it took 3 to get a working charger but it is quite good for $20.

i4 here. I just put 4 in and charge overnight.

So I’m in the market for a charger …is the nitecore I4 the favorite here ?

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…never had a problem with the 3 Nitecore I own.

Perfect …I’m ordering one from fasttech as I wanted a few things anyhow …but they are cheaper than most places anyhow so win win

I just bought a trustfire. Works ok, just bought it because it was cheep

I currently use a Nitecore InteliCharge i2.

I only own 1 mech mod that uses a single 18650, I have 4x25R’s that I rotate and when 2 have been used I throw them in the charger.

The one thing that can be a little annoying about the i2 is the high pitched beep once the bats are fully charged but it also tells me that they’re charged without having to check the LED’s.