Which company makes the best honey flavor

Ive been craving a milk and honey ( not like cosmic fog ) an actual milk and honey , ive tried TFA and cant get past that perfumy smell that transfers to the juice , FLV milk and honey sound great any opions would be great thanks

I really like LA honey myself. It is super strong but has a real honey taste. It tastes exactly like McDonald’s honey lol.

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I have tried a few different honey flavors now and they usually taste like stale beer to me.

Finally found FLV Milk and Honey and haven’t used anything else since. The FLV version tastes like the real thing to me, just like the bottles label. Creamy sweet honey in milk at 1.5% - 2%. No beer taste or funky notes at all. Goes great with FW Moose Milk which makes a nice honey/cinnamon Sopaipilla recipe :yum:


exactly i work in the flooring industry and the TFA honey smells like cat piss soaked in a carpet

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lol, Yea, the most offensive one I tried was FA Honey. Usually their flavors are awesome and concentrated but their honey was just awful… god-awful…

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i thought i read somewhere fw was good maybe it was flv though

moose milk ??? describe please

I have FW Honey in my stash but haven’t even tried it since I found the FLV version. Dunno how anything could be a more realistic honey unless I got one of those little honey-bear-shaped squeezy bottles and started chewing the head off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Moose Milk is supposed to be an eggnog flavor inspired by the movie, “National Lampoons - Christmas Vacation”. I’ve made many UNsuccessful attempts at eggnog but in the process, found this little gem.

It’s not eggy at all to me but a light, smooth, cinnamon-sugar milk. Very tasty with honey :yum:


This recipe is still private cause I haven’t finalized it just yet but it tastes exactly like Sopaipillas to me.

Dunno if you’ve ever had them before but they’re fried flat bread (like a tortilla), very light and crispy, then drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar :yum:

Sopaipilla :
1% Butter Cream (CAP)
1.5% Marshmallow (CAP)
2% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
4% Moose Milk (FW)
4% Rice Treat (FW)

Flavor total: 12.5%


ive added it to my list you have sold me on it ty for the help

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yes i have and again ty ill let you know what i think , ive been trying like crazy to make a honey flavor with different percentages of caramel and butterscotch but way off so flv milk and honey here i come

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I have only tried one, and that is FLV Milk and Honey. It’s so yummy, I’ve never tried any others.

Thank you for the recipe @Mofogger, it sounds really yummy. What does that FW Rice Treat taste like? Is it like the treat, or plain rice cereal?


That Sopaipilla recipe is pretty tasty. If you try it,I hope you like it. I’m still working on it and the Rice Treat does play a big part adding a crisp bready flavor. The ratio between Rice Treat and Moose Milk still needs to be perfected though, I’m very close to being happy with it.

The Rice Treat flavor is supposed to be like the marshmallow rice treats you can make at home but I find the sweetness in it to be more “flat” than the expected gooeyness-marshmallow-sweet that I was expecting. It tastes more like a bowl of Rice Krispies with sugar on top. I’ve been adding CAP Marshmallow to make it more fluffy/gooey. I’ve used it in a couple different recipes so far, mostly bakery items, to add a supporting bready note. Works very well.


Sounds like it might need a touch of butter too, like the real thing? And a hint of vanilla? FW Rice Treat with CAP Butter and Caps Vanilla Marshmallow sounds yummy. Or regular Cap Marshmallow and .5 INW vanilla shisha? Mmmmmm, might have to order some of the Treat. Another thought for your recipe is RF Vanilla Custard. It’s got a really nice fresh ground cinnamon flavor with thick cream, might be good in place of the moose milk?

It sounds yummy though! Added moose milk and rice treat ti shopping list. It keeps growing and growing. Not sure I’ll ever get to buy and try them all. Sure hope so :smiley:

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