Which flavors to use?

I’m wanting to create a Cinnamon + Menthol recipe. But, I discovered the only Cinnamons I have are Rich Cinnamon (FLV) and Ceylon Cinnamon (FA). They both seem best for bakeries, so they don’t seem like what I’m wanting. I do have Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP), but I didn’t even consider that for this.

I see TPA has two different Cinnamons that might work - Cinnamon and Cinnamon Red Hot. I don’t understand why the Red Hot version gets used in a higher % than Cinnamon, since the Notes say it’s a stripped-down version of the other. Which of these two would you recommend and at what percentage?

Would plain Menthol be the best for the other half, or should I choose something else? Any percentage recommendations?


maybe this might help . not tried any of these yet

been thinking of trying this one myself. just keep forgeting to order the flavors