Which is the best CCW flavor to order

I have thought about ordering a CCW (Cupcake World) flavoring to try for a long time now, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger. The only place I have found CCW to order is on Amazon, and they are not too reasonably priced, although they do come in 30ml bottles thru Amazon. Any ways, I am wanting to give CCW a whirl but I want to make a more informed purchase, so here I am.
I wanted to see which CCW flavors are most recommended and where is the best place to order them here in the U.S. other than Amazon?
As always. Thanks for any and all help and advice, it is much appreciated.


Chefsflavours.co.uk stock ccw concentrates under there “chefs choice” section but as you are American this may not be much use to you. Majority are nothing special and quite weak in all honesty, but opinions on the ones I have tried:

Clotted Cream Fudge - This is one I like. Isnt particularly fudge, its much flatter and no thickness to it, but it does have a very sweet toffee fudge like taste. 5%+ minimum in mixes needed really. It is good but can get quite sickly after a while

Cookie Dough - I know quite a lot of people like this. Personally I found it one of the worst concentrates I have ever tasted. Tasted like burnt tyres to me

Cookies n Cream - From vague memory this one was decent but very weak like 10%+ needed

Devon Cream - Probably the most popular one. Very good cream, if you think bavarian cream flavourings you may have had but better and denser you will get an idea of this and another plus, it isnt weak, is stonger than most major brands cream offerings and up there with any of them I have tried.

Digestive Biscuit - I dont taste biscuit flavourings particularly well, Inw/Flv/Cap offered little to me. FA is the only main brand I like. If you do like cookie flavours, you will love this though as there is a digestive biscuit element to it, even to me

Fruit Salad Chew - I got a certain amount of what it was to be from this, but for some reason I got a bad throat hit from it as well, hence didnt like at all

Jam Roly Poly - One of the most popular and rightly so. There isnt so much of a jam element to it but ther fruit is there and the pudding is very good in it. If you are lookign to merely by a “flavour” rather than a “concentrate” this may be the one to go for. There are many similar very good jam roly poly and custard recipies on the net and probably on this site too.

Jammy Dodgems - Early days of vaping when I first started to mix and fail miserably, this was one of my go to concentrates as could vape it as a one shot. Not sure I would like it much now but very buttery fruit biscuit.

Pear Drops - This is another “flavour” that you could consider, is pretty weak but also pretty accurate to a pear drop sweet to, very good one

Raspberry Ripple and Raspberry Yoghurt - Havent had either but included as I know they are popular

Rhubarb - I think this is a very good sweet rhubarb, only problem is I had to mix it at 15% from memory, far too weak

Strawberry Jam - To me at least, liek the majority of jam flavours available…rubbish

Treacle Tart - Not bad from memory, but as I only used it a couple of times and it then sad idle, couldnt have been that good either

Vanilla Slice - I bought this one a couple of years or so ago and thought it was weak but a wonderful vanilla flavour. SO I bought it again recently and wodner what I was on at the time? It isnt that weak, one of the stronger ones. The vanilla is ok but the pastry element that I thought was missing I have now realised is just a weird cardboard like taste in the background which ruins this flavour, I think it was in the treacle tart to and I have also had other CCW flavours ordered directly from them but am not going to look them up to remember, but that cardboard taste is in quite a few of there bakery/biscuit flavours so bar the jam roly poly/digestive biscuit, may be best to avoid those types of flavouring


Thank you so much for taking the time to go in to detail for me, I really appreciate that tons. I like trying new and different flavors and concentrates so I figured I would finally give CCW a go. But if they are that weak and just Meh, I can’t see spending the $$ to order them. You’ve def given me something to think on before I do pull the trigger and order any of them now lol… It really is appreciated greatly. Thank you loads Will.


Devon cream is definitely the most worthy of the few I tried so far. I have about 10 more I got from Chef’s but smell wise they are not making me itch to mix with them. They don’t smell bad, just really weak.


No problem. I would highly recommend Devon Cream as can use it in so many recipies. Jam Roly Poly also highly recommend as a flavour, but bar jam roly poly and custard, its so distinctive as a flavour not really much more you can do with it, hasnt worked for me when mxed in a cake anyway.

So if you are adding them to another order, those two are definately worthwhile. As for just buying CCW concentrates, if you need to ship them to AMerica, I cant see the value unless ther are some I havent tried that are really good. I do really like the pear drops and clotted cream fudge, but wouldnt say they are must haves by any means.


Have to agree with most of the comments here. I discovered Devon Cream years ago and it’s really good. There’s nothing quite like it. For me it’s a must have, so I’d try and get your hands on some if you can. Is it worth the shipping for ONE flavour? Depends how rich you are.