Which manufacturer makes.....?

Hoping someone might have a clue what company’s (possibly not domestic) percentage recommendation/usage would be, on average, in the 30% range?


Hello @Sabrina , let me speed you to an answer. We need some clarity. 30% of what? Flavor %s? Nicotine%? thanks and welcome

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So sorry, I knew I probably wasn’t being clear :disappointed:

Was referring to flavor percentages.

Over the past 2-3 years I’ve purchased a lot of flavors from a local store that makes their own juice and have been trying ever since to perfect a mix with at least one of the bloody things. However, I’ve been able to get right about zero help/input from the store, aside from “try around 30%.” I’ve tried several times to at least get them to tell me what popular manufacturer they might be closest to (Lorann, FA, TFA, Capella, etc. etc.), so that I’d at least have a better starting point…and they refuse. Dunno what the big deal is, they’re not the manufacturer of the flavor…is it normal for stores/juice makers to be this secretive?

Anyhoo…From all the reading/research, I’ve done since I started DIY’ing (LOL…which is actually the day I quit smoking), I don’t recall that any of the well known flavor makers are anywhere close to being “around 30%” for as any kind of average starting point and it has been bugging me.

Any insights appreciated!


Sounds to me like they are just jerking you around. As a maker of said recipe, it is in their business interest for you to NOT figure it out, so that if you want it you’d have to buy from them still, after all, they are in it for the money… Most all juices I see rarely pass 20% as a whole mix, and much less if just single flavors. Perhaps if you give us some insight on the juice you are trying to replicate, we could assist you in the venture? :slight_smile:


In addition to what mikelej pointed out… They’ve already given you a clue (which could also be a wild goose chase in and of itself).

To say you shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t want to share their recipe is an understatement.
You wouldn’t walk in to KFC or Hershey’s ask for their recipe and honestly expect an answer would you? Same applies here. :wink:

Best starting point for figuring out the basics are:

  • Is there a clue in the name? (Bananas & cream)
  • is there a clue in the description?
  • is there a clue about percentages? (80vg)
  • lastly and most importantly, what do you taste?

Some of your questions… “have me curious”


What they said! :wink: Some more information on the juice you’re looking to make would be really helpful.

If you’re dealing with a B&M store that is making juice in-house, I’d wager a guess that they are using TPA, FW, or maybe Capella’s. Our resident store owner (@Ringling) has said that because of cost, he mostly uses TPA and FW for the juice he sells. It makes sense that a B&M store would use flavors that are cheap wholesale to maximize profit. Those are the ones I’d start looking at.


Well then @Sabrina you have come to the right place. Queue us into your flavor preference? Tobacco vapes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch… What commercial ejuice can you not stop vaping? yeah and BTW 30% is never going to work, but don’t get mad at the shopkeep …they’re just “feedin’ babies”


Expanding on this a bit, since with a bit of added sleep, it still wouldn’t read ‘quite clear’ to a newbie (which is not a term to imply offense, rather: new to DIY).

When they said 30% is a good starting point (and I used the 80% vg figure above), they’re referring to TOTAL FLAVOR MIX. Not a single flavor. Even the weakest flavor out there isn’t used at 30% (unless that DIY’er’s tastebuds are beyond shot; ie: YEARS of jalapeno’s/habaneros/etc, or other such ‘taste-killing’ factors).

A basic bit of deduction implies that it’s a sum-total or cumulative amount of flavoring. There’s a ton of ways to get to 30% (given your example) and they’re ALL CORRECT. It all depends on what your end goal is for the flavor concoction.

Ex.1 15% + 15% = 30% (2 flavors)
Ex.2 10% + 10% + 10% = 30% (3 flavors)
Ex.3 10% + 10% + 5% + 5% = 30% (4 flavors)
Ex.4 8% + 8% + 6% + 4% + 4% = 30% (5 flavors)
Ex.5 8% + 8% + 6% + 4% + 2% +2% = 30% (4 flavors, 2 ‘enhancers’)
etc etc

Now, if they said “30% is a good starting point”, and you know that it’s a 50/50 mix (vg/pg or pg/vg -pay close attn to these if anything other than 50/50, because some brands use PG first, others use VG first) then common sense would indicate that, 50% is vg, 20% is added pg, and in most cases the rest of the pg is in the 30% flavoring total (as a carrier method).

Hope this makes it clearer.

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i have never reached 30percent in a mix or single flavoring to tell you the truth i have never seen it


Obviously a Vape Shop must keep cost down as much as possible. One of the worst costs when making bulk juice lines and buying bulk flavors is the shipping. On average I pay between $16-$18 for shipping because of the weight involved. Many times I buy flavors I don’t even need to boost the dollar amounts to make the ship cost spread out over a larger amount of flavors. As you add more and more companies you buy from, you add more and more cost from shipping. This is why I stuck with using only 2 flavor companies. When you buy bulk, they don’t ship for free. Come August 8, this won’t matter anymore though. Can’t blend anymore…

Well @JoJo, I am still in business right now, but, as you know the FDA REGS will go into effect August 8. By then any juice I have on the shelve will hopefully be gone. I doubt it though. Anything left which will probably be a lot will have to be thrown away since no juice can be in the store that was not made in a CLEAN LAB. Can’t legally give it away, ship it to anyone, nothing. August 9, 2016, my 1st amendment rights will have been taken away. I will no longer be able to say vaping is safer than smoking tobacco. I will no longer be able to say that vaping can help you quit smoking. I can not allow customers to try the Ejuice regardless of where it is made. Basically will not be able to sell my product. Also, all juice sold now will have to come from a TRUE lab. I’ll be selling 30ml from $22-$28 a bottle from the supposed PREMIUM companies. Dec. 31, 2016, The truest test of all…By this date a Vape Shop MUST have paid the FDA over $3300 (don’t remember the exact amount). This I’m told is a annual amount. A complete inventory will have to be submitted to the FDA. This inventory from that date on will have to be submitted Bi-annually. Guys, Gals, this guy won’t do it. I will not give them my money nor do I want to work a lot more for a whole lot less money. What I have decided to do is sell Vape accessories which are supposed to be exempt. Replacement Tanks, Skins, Glass, Batteries, Chargers, Wire, Cotton, Drip Tips, etc, ect, ect, AND CBD. I will not have mods nor will I have EJuice. I am considering selling DIY supplies as well. Oh, and SNOWCONES (Just Kidding). As I said, THIS will be the true test. This will either allow me time to add products that will help continue to keep me in business, or fail miserably. Only time will tell…


Oh man. I am so sorry. :pensive: It’s good to hear how these regs are affecting people from the standpoint of someone who is living it. This thoroughly sucks. It is totally absurd and, if for your sake alone, I hope someone is able to get this overreaching joke they’re calling regulation under control. I don’t blame you in the least for not wanting to submit to their asinine rules.


The only true possible help for some of us is if these 3 lawsuits could BEFORE December 31 make the REGS become null and void for a rewrite and giving us more time. Truth be told the FEE and the inventory will probably stay intact and this will become like all other industries. Those with the money survive. I have said this once before, watch, once the Tobacco companies buy up all the major players in this industry then suddenly Ecigarettes will become the miracle cure and as good as a wholesome glass of milk. I’ll be real surprised if we don’t see this happen. Once the tobacco companies own it they don’t mind paying the same fees on Ecigarettes as they do on analogs. When you own it all, who cares. By the way, and sure wish I could hear actual confirmation, BUT, I have heard rumor that Suicide Bunny wants out of this crap. Perhaps it will be Marlboros Mother’s Milk someday…


[quote=“ringling, post:12, topic:72341”]
I have said this once before, watch, once the Tobacco companies buy up all the major players in this industry then suddenly Ecigarettes will become the miracle cure and as good as a wholesome glass of milk. I’ll be real surprised if we don’t see this happen.[/quote]
Reading my mind brother. The whole deal just reeks of a power grab, with the FDA trying to facilitate the circumstances to make it happen.

Now there’s a nasty mental image!
The “Marlboro Man’s Mother’s Milk”. That ‘source’ should be dried up by now, don’cha think?? :x


When I was working on my original version of a Tiger’s Blood clone from a local company, I was approached by someone if their “lab” that steered me in the correct directions of the flavors used and percentages. I had gotten my mix to be spot on from my opinion, which was confirmed by this person. They told me that I had it correct in the flavor department but was off on the total flavor percentage used. My total percentage was at 20% and I was told that they mixed at double that. HOLY COW…40%. Well I kept mine at 20% and have since then mad some modifications to improve it, even though it was damn good they way it was.

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holy sh#! that is funny. Can’t stop laughing…

I know it’s not alot of help but ive been looking for some replacement glass for tanks like the smok micro and i need some coils for a couple different tanks im not sure how you will be priced but I’d like to check it out so I could possibly give you some business2

Thank you for your thoughts! At this time I see no glass available for the Micro TFV4. Have you searched Fasttech? Honest truth, as much as I appreciate you wanting to give me your business you need to realize that I am a semi-retired man who tries to get people off the stinkies and sells only on the weekend. I do not ship product (Good thing cause the regs & Tx law make that difficult) I can help if you are local to me though. By all means I would love to. Truth be told if I was a 7 day a week Vape Shop I would most likely give the FDA the $3300 fee and continue to conduct business with Premium Ejuices. It’s just not worth it in my situation. They have taken all the fun out of it. See I’m not necessarily in this for the money…


VapeNW has replacement glass for the TFV4 Micro


i ordered from them last week and after they said it was in stock i got an email saying they refunding me my money bc they are out of stock , ill call today i actually live in WA state so they are my first option typically

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thank you for all you do , and i wish you the best ,