Which non-rebuildable atomizers and tanks are your favorites?

I have 5 nautilus tanks! :wink: All but one is in rotation - I use them all the time, when I am out. When I’m home I use my rebuildable stuff.

What about you?

Nautilus Mini - Love the adjustable airflow but find it hard on coils.

Have cleaned coils in Vodka and air dried. Never as good as a new coil.

Innokin I-Clear 30s. - Easier on coils but the airflow can be tight at times.

Tidy Clearomiser. Holds about 1 ml. Good for sampling DIY Juices but does not produce the flavour of the Nautilus or I-Clear.

Normally drip, unless I’m driving, in which case I love my Protank 2 mini. I just ordered a Kangertech Subohm tank and although I haven’t used it yet, I have a feeling it will be replacing my protank mini soon :smiley:

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Aspire Atlantis - Very happy with the results.

Atlantis, Nautilus, even the Viva Nova, ETS, ect. I’m a firm believer in Aspire Products!!!

I just got the Kangertech Subtank Mini and really like it. This is the first unit I have purchased which will do sub ohm. I have a question though, This thing makes a lot of noise through the air hole when I draw so do all tanks and drippers with good air flow create a lot of noise?

I switch between my nautilus mini and my kanger aero tank v2 …I can’t get aspire coils around here so I mostly use kanger stuff but love the nautilus for the flavour …although the aerotank v2 isn’t far behind imo

I rebuild all my coils, even before using them. I have an Aerotank Mega that i use from time to time and after rebuilding and replacing the wick with cotton i love it. My target resistance is .7ohms so i can use it on a mech and it works great. One of the reasons i went with a Kanger product is the ease in which you can rebuild the coils.

I know you said non-rebuildable but if i cant rebuild it i wont buy it.

Do you have the stock base or one of the aftermarket bases with more airflow? Been thinking of order a new base for the PT2 mini, i loved that thing but havent used it in years.

Stock I guess …but it’s different then the reg aerotank …more then enough airflow for me . And it uses different coils then the reg …upgraded bdc that seem to be better for flavour production . I was impressed …and I would recommend this tank

I have the original base… I kept meaning to buy the aftermarket one, but always forgot when I was shopping online. Now that I have the subohm on the way, I’ll prob put the mini away. Mouth to lung inhales have become annoying to me here lately…

I cant mouth to lung inhale, makes me cough fart and that hurts! Did you get the Subtank/mini or nano? Been thinking about picking one up. Im not a huge fan of tanks but they come in handy on occasion.

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I bought the 25mm one (subtank). Gonna run it on the IPV3. I prefer my Veritas, but on long drives, I’d rather have something that doesn’t require me to drip. From all the reviews I’ve seen, the subtank is suppose to have awesome flavor and good ventilation which should do the trick. I use to run the Kayfun 3.1, but I dropped it and snapped the threads from the base and can not find a replacement base…

I heard something just today I did not know. Kanger’s sub ohm tanks AT THIS TIME are the only tanks out there that actually use a decent natural, and might I add REAL cotton in the coils. Hope Aspire is taking notes…

I have some fake aspire bvc coils …and am scared to know what is in them

I can believe that!!!

All I know is one could be good the next could give you the worst tasting hit of your life ! Lesson learned …do not buy coils on eBay

Once upon a time I bought cheap knock-off heads for the Nautilus, the Protank and probably more. I don’t do that anymore :wink: Originals or rebuild! :smiley:

I would say the nautilus. Love the adjustable air flow and the taste. But am glad they came out with the bvc coils. I always had problems with the old ones gurgling with me. The bvc might do it once but a quick clean and its good as gold. Plus have 5ml means less filling lol.

I’m lazy too when it comes to filling the tank. Wonder if there’s any 16 gallon tanks out there lol. The old BDC coils in the Nautilus were quite picky about what they wanted to work with. They were best with a VW mod set on wattage. Most VW units MVP, VTR, Eleaf, Vamo, and many others will literally (in wattage mode) adjust themselves to match the coil resistance of the tank. I honestly think the old Nautilus would have fell on their butts had there not been VW units available. The BVC coil has really upped the bar for coils. Now if only they would use real cotton in them like the Kanger Subohm.