Which other mixer is costing you money, and is it worth it?

I noticed that through trying to reproduce his recipes, @DarthVapor is indirectly costing me a ton, metric that is.
Untill now it has been worth it, I am specially exploring his fig and his taro receipes. And it teaches me a lot about layering.

Fancy sharing your experiences? Feel free to talk about kit or flavours or anything else.


Thanks for the chuckle!! …and…err… sorry :wink:


@daath …for building that recipe database… I didn’t ask to know what available flavors there were, its like some sick wikpedia database of everything I’ve ever wanted.

howls to the moon Curse you, awesome juice bank!

throws money out of pocket and on the ground


You know I’m a fan bro.


Nobody else?

@DarthVapor, no worries it is my own choice, and my pleasure. Thanks for sharing.
By the way some of your old recipes use flavours that do not exist anymore. I am mostly remembering the vanilla ice cream from mount baker vapour. Suggestions for a sub?

I would have thought I’d attract at least one of the NF converts…


I’m not going to list the mixers I was following, because I’m not the person name shaming, and who knows maybe my fancy ass palette is the problem here, but it cost me lots of money, frustration and even made me quit back in the day. So no it was not worth it material wise and time invested, but it taught me how to fix things, I might have never discovered/learned otherwise?

Maybe from now on I need to follow better mixers, or actual “real” people lol. Time will tell :wink: sorry that I can’t point out more positive things, but there’s always two sides of a coin. And before someone asks, no I’m not talking about any members of this forum.


Ah yes, Mt Baker. When I first started vaping(didn’t know any better) I used these guys a lot for various things! As far as a sub for their VIC… hmmm… The only Ice Cream I really use now, is Liquid Barn’s. Their stuff is fan-freaking-tastic!! If I were going to replicate Mt Baker’s though, I would probably try Flavor West’s. Full disclosure, I do not use any FW flavorings, but rumor is Mt Baker rebottles FW flavorings as their own, or something VERY close to it. I can confirm this with their blood orange. It was one of my favorite Mt Baker flavorings back in the day, so I bought FW’s when I expanded my flavor stash (and vendors) when I no longer bought from them. It is identical. Yet, not having used FW’s VBIC, I would still skip them all together and get LB’s!! I can’t think of any reason I wouldn’t sub it in one of my recipes, regardless of how old they are.

Thank you by the way. I’m glad to hear you like the craziness I vape :slight_smile: Hit me up any time you have a question or recommendation!!


I’m lost. Is this a misspell?
re: http://sentence.yourdictionary.com/expiring
Just figured it out, never mind, it’s just me.


I’ll blame the autocorrect by it is probably my fingers. Sorted.


I think it is nice name calling here that is expected.
People you got curious about the output, or the kit they were using and got you to buy stuff.

If you don’t want to write names, you can tell us what you finished with that was not so useful to you


Yeah, @DarthVapor’s taro recipes, that was a waste of money :nauseated_face: :rofl:


I liked his tarot recipes.

The first tarot recipe I created all by myself was “potato pancakes” :grin:


I once bought a bottle of taro on his recommendation and it turned out I’m one of those people that can’t stand the stuff. Even at very low % I find it nauseating.

I rub it in whenever I get a chance :rofl:


Wait… you don’t like taro??? Well I’ll be, I had no idea, you should of told me!!! :wink: Haha, shitbird! :kissing_heart:


You should buy yam on mine then :slight_smile:


I cant single anyone out, but theres a plethora of people that keep fuel my lust for a MF bulk order.

I’ve yet to push the order button, cause them MF flavours are costly :smiley: However, I’m sure they are worth it.


I can’t practically get NF/MF in Europe, as far as I can see. My risk aversion makes me hesitate for anything above 3£/€. Good thing that chef has FA rebottles for £2 per 10ml…

Saying I have not been potentially tempted would be a lie, sure I have, but I can’t see myself pulling the trigger at these prices.


You could try

which is a dilution of medicine flower see which ones you like before jumping to the medicine flower full bottles


I see people using 0.5-1.5% (typically) flavour for MF, 1:10 dilution at that price are not terribly exciting. 1:5 at half the price would sit about right with me.

I think the only one I would be ready to pay more for is GInger (NF) as all my other gingers are really disappointing.

Thanks for the pointer though.


Yes I do agree with you - are you in the states or europe?

There are only a few here but worth a look if you are in the U.S