Which vaping youtubers do you follow?

I’ve slowed down a lot. Mostly building as needed. I’m just trying to keep up with CMJ now. :smile:


I’m no where near as talented as you though when it comes to coil wrapping (yet! Lol) but I’m getting there.

I’m still learning the craft, I think my problem was that I jumped from making standard and twisted wire coils, straight into Claptons and fused claptons and then kind of got stuck at that point.

That’s why I’ve been revisiting some older TWISTED MESSES vids such as the Tiger Wire, Tidal Wire etc.

TBH though I can’t wait to start TC with my M80 once the presale finishes and they actually ship it to me.

Then at least I can go down as low as .1ohm without risking blowing myself up lol.