Which vaping youtubers do you follow?

Besides pbusardo, grimgreen and riptrippers - are there any good youtubers out there?

We have our own @Robthevaper here who makes good videos, and @Aux as well with his Vaping Komrade! :smiley:

Vaping With Twisted 420 is always good! A sample:

I’ve watched a few of GoreGore Britnee’s videos - and they …entertain me :slight_smile: Here is a sample:

Twisted Messes makes awesome videos on special coil builds. A sample:

Who else do you follow?


I also follow Ruby Roo on YouTube.


Of course. Ruby Roo - I like her too! Sample:


Indoor Smokers is not bad…


Suck my mod is good, he does a lot of clone reviews. Todd from toddreviews is entertaining, love his accent. Cheexievapes is good. Tiavapes I’ve heard is good, haven’t watched her though. I might remember some others later but Nic “Grimmgreen” is by far my favorite.

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I like Pauly Meatballs, he gives good reviews without the bullshit and with a difference

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I dont follow any, occasionally i will watch a Todd video but only because they are funny as hell with the subs turned on.

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Twisted Messes and Rip Tripper. I’m going through a coil building phase right. I heard it will pass.


Sample of Suck My Mod:

Sample of Cheexie vapes

I’ve been watching quite a bit of Rip Trippers videos too. He seems to have one on just about everything and a lot on coil building. I too seem to have the coil building fever probably won’t go away till I least try to build the majority of them or run out out wire to do it with lol.

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I’m subscribed to quite a few, but the reviewers I watch most are Ruby Roo, SuckMyMod, Gore Gore Britanny, Grimm Green and P Busardo. Todd is always fun, too.

I just watched The Don’s video on Suicide Bunny’s Obsidian - Good video!

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Great video! I agree, whole heartedly!!!

While I wholeheartedly agree that the price is too steep, but the guy should get his head out of his ass.
Someone calling himself “The Don” is not exactly someone I can take seriously. In fact, I think he may be better visiting a shrink to get rid of his megalomania. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know people will think I’m whiteknighting here, but limited editions and special editions are not a new occurance.
It’s not a new juice, it’s just a collectors item like in so many other markets.

Why would you buy a special edition videogame where you get a few digital items? To get a few more pixels? It’s just pixels…
Why would you buy a limited edition musicalbum? To get a fancy packaging? It’s the same music as the regular album…
Why would you buy a collectors item figurine of a superhero? To leave it in the box and never touch it? It’s meant to play with…

The same goes for this Obsidian Edition, it was made because it could be.
From a marketing POV it’s fucking genious though, SB is getting a lot of exposure at the moment because of this, and regardless of its negativity it’s getting the name out there.
if I wasn’t in such a financial pickle lately I’d buy this just to vape it and then put it on display next to my vapegear.

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I can’t believe nobody remembered Big Lou. I’ve been on this guys crew for quite a while now and he’s the tit’s.
Yeah the down to earth youtubers are always the hit for me. I like and watch all the other peoples mentioned here as well. First time seeing “The Don” though.

rip trippers is a goof and very informed but tia is cute.

I’ve watched a few of IndoorSmokers and thought Modified Vaper was very informative, I also liked VAPE IT WITH LES as a good coil rewick tutorial for the mini

So, 4 months later…how’s that workin out? Hehehe :wink: