While checking my flavorings today i found

Two bottles of Velvet Cloud Nutty Cookie from Christmas last year. The wife had bought me 8 15ml bottles and i put two away, 0mg, so that i wouldnt vape them immediately.

Im going to buy some lottery tickets tomorrow…

I know we are all into DIY but i still ask for a couple liquids for Christmas and birthdays. This year Nutty Cookie got bumped in for of B-X Vapor Melonyptus and Honey Suckle my Cuke.

Got any juice on your list this year?

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The only ejuice I ever purchased that I just LOVEd, was Minnesota Moonshine’s ‘Mud Puppy’, but I don’t think they even make it anymore.

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Well that is a real bummer. While running a search for it i ran across your clone attempt. Sounds like it would be fantastic!

:slight_smile: Thannks. It’s really good and I still have it in my ADV rotation, but it’s missing something I can’t put my finger on.

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I’ve only had one vendors juice that I purchased before I started diy. It was just a basic menthol tobacco. They quit making it and that’s how I started diy. I enjoy my own tobacco mixes much more than the vendors juice I bought way back then. I have no other experience with vendors eliquid.


Wow, im a bit surprised but only because people generally get tired of paying high prices and then jump into DIY. Seems you did it right.

I went through a few of the reddit favorites but then bought a RDA and mod and quickly realized that i could not afford vendor liquids anymore.

I found B-X because i won a giveaway and he was in the DIY sub with us before he started selling. About the only time i get to try new stuff now is on vacation, Christmas/birthdays or when i win some on reddit.

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I tired of it even before I started sub-ohm vaping. Back “in the day” when I was dripping on 510 atomizers I found I was going through nearly an entire 15ml bottle in a week! Damn, this has to stop! Little did I know then that the day would come I would consume 15ml before lunch. Ahhhh, the good life. Vaping to your heart’s content for pennies.

So as for vendor juice, I’ve only ever had SB Mother’s Milk one time. I wasn’t sub ohming then, and certainly not using temp control or the fancy schmancy stuff I have now. I found it so-so, but would certainly give it another whirl in the Aromamizer. The only other vendor liquid I’ve craved and still buy on occasion is Universal Milk by Planet Vapor here in Columbia, SC. I baby the bottles when I get them. Last one I bought a month or so back…60 ml. I’m down to 10 ml or so and savor every drop.


I hear ya, i remember freaking out about how much more i vaped when i got a 15w mod and an IGO. Now? Now i dont even keep track but if i did i would probably freak out a bit.

I used to hang out at my local B&M a lot and the owner would share the stuff sent to him by other vendors. I got to try quite a bit of stuff but most of it was not at all memorable. That was 3 years ago tho, once he got me into DIY i hardly ever go there.

I’ve always wanted to try Velvet Clouds. Are they everything people say they are? I’m just getting started in the DIY world so still vaping some premades to get me through and for inspiration.

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I love the few that i have tried. Nutty Cookie and Night Shift are spectacular, if you like that sort of thing.

Here is a decent Night Shift clone by gcrannel.

Night Shift v1 by gcrannel

3% Cappuccino (CAP)
7% Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (CAP)

Flavor total: 10%

Ive made some changes since but havent updated the recipe, it is no longer a clone with my changes. This is pretty close tho a bit more harsh than Night Shift.

I’m with PV, started DIY very soon after switching to vaping and was not impressed with the vendor juice. I bought one bottle of juice from Chosen Few a couple of months ago mainly because I liked the name and picture on the bottle, twas all right but I can easily make something like it myself.


I’ve always been, let’s be nice and call it “thrifty”. 95% of the vendor juice I had was Mt Baker Vapor (mostly single flavor juices but they had a couple blends that I really like). They have this “flavor shot” option on their site where you can have up to 5 shots of flavor added to your order. But they also sell their flavorings too. So I thought why should I try to guess what I’m gonna like and bought flavorings and PG/VG so that I could tweak it myself. From there it was a pretty short trip to just mixing it all myself.


Sugar Bear was always one of my favorite blends… Made a recipe the other day to just have a sweet cinnamon vape while i waited for all this custard to steep. But even as a quick mix of flavors I cant stop vaping it and def be trying again as its so close to sugar bear, def better than the clones I’ve used so far.

Boss Reserve is a juice I’d say thats on my list, haven’t had anything that comes with that Honey bunches of oats flavor that i get with the BR.

After starting DIY i’ve found some of the flavors I loved are not too difficult to match. I started with Dillinger and still may be one of my favorites, if anyone has a good caramel vanilla custard i am all ears


Exactly how i started down the DIY road, mixing their concentrates. First i started by adding extra shots to my liquid then adding VG to thin it out, next was their concentrates for about a month.

I’d love to nail a 30 ml recipe for their Wintergreen with two shots added. It’s only thing I can taste when I get vape tongue.

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If they sell that concentrate id mix at 17% as you add two flavor shots. If i am not mistaken each flavor shot is 1ml flavoring from what i remember from reddit discussions with James.

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Some time earlier this year they made concentrates available for ALL their recipes except for the GWAR liquids. :slight_smile:

However if you’re buying your flavors somewhere else, I’d put money on this being the flavor to get. http://flavorwest.com/index.php/water-soluble-flavoring/wintergreen.html


Yep, the vast majority of their older liquids were all made from FW. I really liked Extreme Ice, was one of my early favorites/

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A bottle of Boosted from Boosted always has a welcome place under the tree. I like to drop a drop on the drip tip. Thats a juice i never get tired of.

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