Who are some of your favorite recipe authors here?

I’m curious which users people around here like to follow. Right now I really like:

Enyawreklaw - I see him as the Albert Hofmann of ejuice.

Amy*** - Lots of great shake and vapes…even lots of the ones she recommends steeping imo.

TorturedZen - Lots of variety and very creative.

DarthVapor - Haven’t tried his recipes yet because I’ve yet to get the oddball flavors he likes to use. His recipes look really good though, and he’s an effing chef for crying out loud so I trust him.


You could see who I follow: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/user/follows/5 :slightly_smiling: - I haven’t explored many yet, because I followed people when I made the feature, and haven’t explored it much since…

Anyway, maybe see who some of them follow, see of any of their recipes strike your fancy :wink:


Thanks Daath. I think I know the answer to this, but is there a way to view users by the number of followers they have?

There isn’t a way to do that right now :slightly_smiling:

Current top 30:

User Followers
NotCharlesManson 266
ThirdWorldOrder 261
fizzmustard 202
returnity 144
DarthVapor 96
Lars 88
Alisa 85
freshepies 77
Amy*** 73
et3rn1ty 58
SthrnMixer 49
Ken O'Where 47
Shroomalistic 39
cuttwoodspy 39
LordVapor 37
Shaner 35
Pro_Vapes 33
Kinnikinnick 30
Jo 30
Vurecipesforll 28
authormichellehughes 27
Mourning Glory 26
BotBoy-collector 22
VHB 20
ADV_search 18
TorturedZen 16
Rin13 15
DirtyDeVoe 15
Arnie 14

Hoo ya, thank you daath! There are names here a newcomer like me don’t know. Will be mixing up a storm this week again!


"smacks forehead"
I didn’t know enyaWreklaW was Wayne, was watching a few of his videos earlier today, so much for me thinking I was astute. lol


Oh top 30. Great. Now I know who to stalk. :smile:

llew yrev sdrawkcab daer t’nod uoy oS? );


Actually I do read (and write) backwards and upside down, did it for 20 years in the Navy, just thought it was a nickname from a different country lol.

Yeah, until now i had no idea his nic was his name spelled backwards. I just thought Wayne liked Enya or something… Thanks for that bud. :smiley:

Just a quick note, Botboy has many more recipes released than just what BB-Collector has posted. Recently he released one of my personal favorites and one of the only liquids that i have ever tried to clone, Vicious Vanilla. After seeing his recipe i never came close, at all, hehe.

Yes, I started BB-collector and started inputting a BUNCH of recipes from his spreadsheet until I realized that a lot of them weren’t his :stuck_out_tongue: I meant to delete them and start over with only his own, but never got around to it :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone wants to take up that challenge, BB himself won’t mind :slightly_smiling:


I have all of his recipes somewhere on the network, his true recipes. Either that or they are saved on reddit.

They should be added to BB-collector :smiley: If you have them, I can do it at some point… :slightly_smiling: I tried collecting them from reddit, but kinda gave up :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, alrighty ill check the network for them and if i dont have them i will collect them from reddit.

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You rock :smiley:

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The IT Crowd? If not i have to see what ever that is, love that guy…

Chris O’Dowd is always good - That’s from IT-crowd S4E03 I believe :slightly_smiling: He’s made a lot of stuff since! This is 40, Bridesmaids come to mind :slightly_smiling:

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