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Who has the best FRUITY PEBBLES flavor


I am an avid SFTr of all my new flavors. I usually stay pretty low % in all my mixes and I start off between 1-5% on my SFT but once I try them I can usually tell about where my %'s for each flavor will need to be to suit me. I’m really excited to get them and try them out lol… I actually got 9 new flavors in today from an order earlier in the week that I am about to SFT new flavors are like christmas morning to me… Thanks for your help :grin::+1:



Nice try to push the SL higher than 5 i think you will be happy … GL and your welcome



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As do I, but my experience with the Cap fruit circles (Silverline) was a minimum of 8%. So I don’t think they’re off the mark at all with their recommendations.

The flavor was good, but usage requirements put it so far out of range for my needs that I PIF’d practically the whole 30ml bottle away after only two tests (6% and 8%).



As stated in many other topics prior about cereals, i always said Cap fruit circles are the only “true” fruit pebbles currently out there. Might change soon tho :wink:

Anyways, i never got the throw 6% and more fruit circles in a bottle and hope for the best kind of trend lol.

I vape at lower watts or well medium range (30-55) and i use it at 3%, ive used it as low as 1.5% and still got fruit pebbles. Above 6% it gets weird and to me looses its authenticity. But try it, maybe you like it at higher percent.



Lol just goes to show…

SFT’s are ‘required’ for many of us!
Varying tastes, varying levels of sensitivity to certain flavors, etc etc. :wink:

On a different note, even interpretations of expectations and perceptions of a flavor are subjective!!

When I read (past tense; IE: before I bought this flavor) Fruit Circles, I think Fruit Loops! Yet others think/expect Fruity Pebbles.
Now, I’ve never had fruity pebbles, and I suppose there’s a very close similarity. But I can tell the difference between rice and corn/wheat/oats. (That’s not saying that they’ve nailed that particular aspect of the flavoring of course, as the cereal always seems to be the hardest part to get right IMO. Kind of like with milk, coffee, and chocolate flavors for example)



Lol we are in the same boat here, i bought it because i was looking for a fruit loop. Needed it for a recipe, but turned out all i got was fruit pebbles and surprisingly good one.

Never found the loops yet, but still looking, same for accurate cookie’s. One day… :wink: but i agree its always subjective, thats what makes it so frustrating at times.



You could work it from scratch. Might be a fun challenge.
" Unlike its sister cereal , Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles has undergone many formula changes, additions and variants. The cereal started out with three colors—orange, red, and yellow—and natural orange, lemon and tangerine flavors, but were later flavored in natural orange and artificial lemon and cherry"



I can’t express just how much I love this little (well not so little) community… It is full of so many kind, helpful and all around good people… I love being a part of it…
Until you replies @eStorm, and @Sprkslfly, I didn’t know that the SL Fruit Circles was more of a Fruity Pebbles taste… That make me pretty happy actually lol. I ordered it because so many people speak highly of it, thinking that I would have a better tasting replacement for my TPA Fruit Circles as I don’t use it much it is getting a little old and it isn’t my favorite. But I do use it a little, never over 0.5% though which at that % I’m sure my mixes aren’t getting much from it being it is a weaker brand. I was supposed to have my order in today but the US postal service is taking its time as usual lol. I will def be getting my SF testers mixed up tomorrow night after work cause they “should” get here tomorrow…
@Plunderdrum, I don’t think I have a good enough taster to be able to start from the ground up on that one. Especially since I have just recently started wanting (craving) fruity type vapes. I’ve always like Fruity Pebbles but it was something I could only vape every once in a while. Maybe a few times a year. But lately I have been wanting to mix and try more fruits. I actually mixed a Strawberry Ice Cream up a couple nights ago and tried it today and I have really high hopes for it. So far it is pretty yummy and it is one I could actually throw in my tank and vape most of the day I do believe. But, we shall see…
Again, Thanks to each and every one of you for all of your advice, you are all so very wonderful. Much :heart:



I would have suggested getting both Silverline and The RF SC. Seeing as you got good advice and recieved both i suggest combining
6% silverline
0.9% RF SC
And add in milk/cream to your liking



If you happen by diyvaporsupply, this would be a great add-in to the mix. 2% in mix 4% solo, judging by my 3% test.



@mixologist13 Interesting suggestion, I’m going to try that.



Have you tried German flavors Cookie?


The search for good Cookie flavors

This hits the fruit notes of the Pebbles pretty well, just needs the grains and crunch.



Nope and i know you keep saying that! I didnt forget, just that vaperstek is not a vendor i have in my regular rotation, same with diy vapors supply :frowning:

I really need to look into both vendors and place some orders. Thanks for the reminder :hugs:



It is a very neutral cookie , no spice , a light grainyness and not overly dark. I too was not satisfied with FA biscotto(cookie) or INW biscuit :-/ . German flavors is my go too and can bent in any direction you choose. I can bend it into a pastry by adding cake and butter or i can blend it into a cereal recipe . Very useful. Another cookie that goes unnoticed/recognized is Simply Flavors Sugar Cookie (tho the icing aspect does limit its applications) Another good no spice cookie is RF SC shortbread


The search for good Cookie flavors

I thought I was the only one not liking the FA cookie, or INW biscuit… but at today haven’t got an answer so i use it as an additive to FW/CAP a classic…



When I’m craving some Pebbles I just mix up NCM’s awesome Pebbles recipe. It brings a nicely balanced, smooth and authentic Pebbles experience. Uses only single flavor concentrates.



“This recipe is marked as private!”

I’ll see if I can search for NotCharlesManson and find it that way! :wink:

Got it!



But the only flavor we taste is lemon. With fruit circles one would use AP and lemon or cereal/lemon and fruity pebbles is rice / lemon. I’ve never tasted anything else other than lemon. Same with Apple Jacks. No apple. Just a very faint cereal and cinnamon…unless I got an old box



To my understanding, Froot Loops are all Lemon and Fruity Pebbles are Orange, Lemon and Cherry. I’ll pick up a box on my way home today. I can tell you that this recipe is very promising after 2 days. You’re definitely right about the Rice. I’ll have to work on that aspect, but my brain thinks it is super tasty, so that’s good, at least :slight_smile: