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Who has the best FRUITY PEBBLES flavor


I’ve been mixing for a couple years now, and I have just recently over the past 6 months or so started investing in more expensive / higher quality flavor concentrates like FLV, Hangsen, VT. Since investing in better concentrates my mixes have improved IMMENSELY. I wish I would have figured this out a looooong time ago. But, I am curious what everyone’s favorite Fruity Pebbles brand is? I have only tried FW Fruity Flakes which I like but I also like being able to mix a good juice without using high % of flavorings so I wanted to see what the community’s favorite ones are and maybe try a new one out… As always thanks in advance for all your feedback and help…



Fruity Rings FW



I haven’t tried the FW Fruit Rings. Is it more of a Fruity Pebbles flavor than a Fruit Loops taste?



@a_jhasty0830 I don’t one-shot very much, but was gifted a few from ecigexpress.com and this one was pretty good.



Thank You, I may have to give that one a try to replace the TPA Fruit Circles that I rarely use. Much appreciated.



Capella silverline has a good one , i use to think FW was the best like @Joel said , but after trying the silverline the FW started having that unpleasant lemon taste TPA has just not as bad … Ive also heard great things about RFSC fruit pebbles



Huge fan of Fruit Pebbles (SC) (RealFlavors)
Fruit Rings (FW) is very good.
But there is a difference Fruity Pebbles is a fruity rice cereal. That is what you get with F.P. RFSC



I have been leaning towards the RF Fruit Pebbles but I didn’t want to make a jump decision on it till I got a little feedback from some others. I have heard several good reviews of their Fruit Pebbles so I may end up going with that one. I just got my Smoant Karat Pod kit in the mail today to have to use at work with nic salts and I want a fruity pebbles flavor juice to use in it but the FW Fruity Flakes just seems “off” to me since I started mixing at lower %'s but I also know I am gonna have to mix at higher % for the POD/Nic salts I found out the hard way with my first mix for it. It is my favorite popcorn mix I make that is only 3.7% and in the Karat it tastes like slightly burnt AIR lol… I truly appreciate the feedback from everyone it really does help out when I can’t make up my mind on things sometimes. Thank You all…



Another vote for the Silverline version. To me it tastes exactly like smelling an open bag of Fruity Pebbles



After hearing more of this, put this in on yesterday’s order, so I can check it out.



the silverline Apple Snacks is also spot on for Apple Jax. It’s also very good.



Order that one too, after the AppleJ from FW didn’t really bring it home for me.



yea the FW version did not taste like the cereal to me either but the Silverline version is very good.

Just add your milk base, and that’s pretty much it. I do add a tiny bit of Cereal27 to my fruity flakes, to give it that ‘crunch’ but the Apple Jacks didn’t need it IMO. It already has a nice oat taste on exhale.



I have a feeling I am gonna have to order RF and CAP Silverline versions cause now I am split. lol… Whats 2 more flavors to the ever growing stash lol…






If I would have known in the beginning what I know now about investing in good quality concentrates instead of trying to pinch pennies and but the cheapest possible every time I wouldn’t have as many as I do have now. There are a lot I don’t use but I am trying to work up some new recipes to start utilizing the unused flavors in. I know there are people who have tons more flavors than I do but I feel like I am borderline obsessed with buying new flavors lol. I officially have 432 flavors, not counting the line of ONE DROP flavors that I bought and did NOT like at all. Saddest part is I can never buy just 2, it will end up being 6 more instead lol



Obijuan what percent did you use at , ive went up to 10pct on the apple snax and not close for me :frowning:



I’m actually vaping it right now lol. I’m still tweaking my recipe but I’m currently using it at 11%, but my milk base muted it some on this 20ml tester, so idk if I should reduce my milk base or bump up the apple snax on my next test

sorry for the derail



Ok so I placed an order today and I went ahead and got both the RF Fruit Pebbles and the CAP Silverline Fruit Circles. I usually have my order by Monday when I place it on Friday mornings. Thanks once again for all your help and feedback This is by far my favorite community to be a part of…



Make sure to SFT that silverline to find your sweet spot , ive seen all kinds of numbers across the board once you do find the right percentage building a recipe around the silverline will be simple and easy