Who has the list of the top suppliers of the Flavors for both DIY and Premium eLiquid use?

I know there are a lot of Flavors supplies listed at “Resources” page, such as ‘Flavor Art’, ‘Perfumer’s Apprentice’, ‘Capella’, and so on. I am wondering who could give an overview of such many Flavors companies? which ones are the top suppliers for premium eLiquid, and which ones are better for DIY use? and why are they standing at on the top of market.

Many thanks

Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but this poll was going around a while ago and has some of it.

This question is both hard, yet a easy one to answer. No one company makes all the best flavors. We buy watermelon here, we buy butterscotch there, we buy custard over here, we buy vanilla over there. Get the picture. As far as where those who blend premium juices, 90% of those supposed premium juice makers, I just don’t care to know. Their juices suck. As for the others, they are not gonna tell us where they get their flavoring…