Who the heck runs this joint and where can they be found?

Whats up with this site…are you holding us for ransom so we can pay to have ads removed or what??? I got on to the site today to post up a couple of recipes and halfway thru the second recipe everything locks up and all I got in was the flavors…whats up with that…are we restricted as to what and how many we can post each day or what??? I would like some answers please…email me back at SpxInvader@yahoo.com

This a great site and you can post as many recipes as you want. Dont know why it locked up on you but if you relax and be patiant Daath will be with you as soon as he can to help.
In the mean time look around and get familiar with the site.

Welcome to ELR.


Thanks Cloyce…I switched over to chrome and the problem cleared up…I was using windows edge…that was the problem…I have been having compatibility issues since I switched over…after this I may go back to 7.I hope people dont get the wrong idea from this post. I love this site and use it on a regular basis and Highly Recommend it to other people. I think you guys have done an Awesome Job and deserve a pat on the back and if I was there I would buy you guys a round on me…cheers!!!


@SpxInvader ; @daath is really good about resolving issues, which may occur at times, with ELR. He is constantly making improvement to the site. He’s quite the busy individual, seeing that he’s about the only one running the show. As @Cloyce said, it may be a while, so, take a number and wait patiently…you will be served. :wink:


Please consider my problem solved and close this ticket…thanks guys…


Welcome to the site. I’m just a regular user myself,
I did donate some $ to help offset the cost of keeping it running. Nothing is free. But this site is more than worth a few of my dollars.
It is a donation, but one that comes with the benefit of removing ads.
I suspect your web browsers cache is full. Clear your cache and all should be well. I actually log off and visit the site sometimes so I can see some of the ads. There are some good deals out there if you are so inclined.

Hope this helps,


I can always be reached here or using the feedback form on your page on ELR. I didn’t record any anomalies today, so I am guessing it is as you wrote, your browser acting up. Edge isn’t a very mature browser, so expect a few hiccups :wink: I mostly use Chrome and Firefox myself.

There are no restrictions. Everyone can do the same. Those that donate just get their ads removed, that’s it :smile:


I haven’t used this site with Edge because I can tell instantly with Edge it’s not designed to work with tried and true browser experiences. If I ever get Roboform to integrate with Edge I may give it a whirl, but until then it just sits there.

I’m glad you figured it out and hope your recipes are great and you share. As already said, daath (Lars) is the one who handles all the tech issues and he’s very good at responding and trying to resolve issues quickly. No one better and I’ve been on a few sites. Oh yeah, in case I haven’t said so lately, THANKS @daath for the best DIY site on the web! You are the man!

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Browsing the internet with Edge is a lot like vaping Chicken & Waffles. Huggin the bowl puking is more fun…


One thing I want to mention just in case folks who have upgraded to Windows 10 don’t already know. Internet Explorer is still part of the OS. Just type Internet into the search box on the task bar. As far as I can tell (for a few weeks now anyway) it still behaves as always and plugins, etc still work.

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Yep, Internet Explorer 11 :slight_smile: I never use that, or Edge…

I prefer Opera myself. It’s got to be the least attacked browser out there. Chrome is ending support for all sorts of stuff - I know there are workarounds but still - I try to stay away from Google when possible.