Who Wants It?

I had some high hopes for the Advken Ohmega tank. At first I really liked it. Then it seems the air control ring has some leaking going on. I did clean it thoroughly and it seemed to help, but honestly I’m just not into it with this tank and it’s small juice capacity. So if anyone in the US has something they want to trade for it make me an offer. I’ll put a build on it and juice it with VG so when you receive it just lock and load. I’ve had it just over 2 weeks and filled it maybe 10 times.

What would I take for trade?

A decent RDA
A digital scale
A decent mech mod

PM me what you’re willing to do. We each pay our own postage.

I have a Lemo v2 for trade.

I’ve got a second on the way but I would if I could

Done deal. I’ll send you a pm.