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Whoa. MF Vanilla in coffee

So I have used FLV Peppermint in my coffee before and it’s excellent. Today I put one teeny tiny drop of MF Vanilla in my coffee and was completely blown away. What flavors do you use in your coffee or other drinks. I’m thinking of trying some MF Vanilla in some Woodford Whiskey tonight. The possibilities are unlimited!


Don’t think I have ever tried that with coffee but that sounds good.

I have used my flavors in beers when I switched from craft brews to terrible light beers. It was a move to get my levels better, it worked but yuck. I was able to make some tasty IPA"s, ambers, Belgium trippels and whatever I wanted. Now I just go back to the delicious craft brews and limit myself to twice a week. It was fun experiment with the flavors though.


whoa. i don’t think i could ever go back to terrible light beers. There are like 30+ breweries in my area and I just couldn’t do it. I’m a coffee and beer snob.


I agree, it was terrible, like drinking bubbly water with no body and hardly any taste. Today is craft brew day, can’t wait for tonight :grin: