Whoops, I goofed

Ordered two Crown 3’s recently with the optional RBA sections. Turns out the RBA’s will NOT fit my 3’s. Man, I’m bummed!

Used the supplied pre-made coils instead. Pretty decent flavor and vapor production, but that tank runs hot, in either TC or Wattage mode.

Oh well, at least I have two back-up tanks now.


It shouldn’t run hot in TC mode, unless you have the temps cranked up. What mod are you using?


Various mods. The 3’s ran hot in all of them in TC. I’m guessing this is not a tank one should be chain vaping with?


are you sure the coils you’re running are TC compatible? Many mods will continue to work in TC mode settings without the proper type of coil/wire. They just won’t do actual temp control and work similar to wattage mode. I’ve never used a crown tank so can’t say if they run on the warm side or not.
Since it’s happening on various mods, I would have to say the problem is in the coilhead or you’re pushing them too hard. Try lowering your wattage to a “weak” level (maybe just below the recommended minimum wattage) and increase it by 2 or 3 watts until you find a wattage you like and see if that makes a difference.


According to various sources of information, the coils are made of SS316L, which should make it TC and Wattage compatible.

On reflection, I think it’s my vaping style, which is pretty much ‘Chain-Vaping’. I don’t give the coil head a chance to cool down between puffs, so I will have to change my vaping style when using the Crown 3’s.

I am VERY interested in the Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA. Various YouTube videos/tutorials show that it’s very easy to build on.