Why aren't there any percentages?

Hey guys, im the new one :wink:
I just registered, but either i’m missing something or, i dont know… Whatever recipe i click, there is always a list of ingrediences but there are never any amounts to them.
Dont people usually put these in with their recipes or is there something i dint do in order to show me those?

I had that problem too and it was because of my adblocker. If you have one, set it so it doesn’t run on this site. This site has very little ads, so it won’t make that much difference.

Oh… and congrats on finding this site. You’ll find there’s no need to look for other recipe sites because they all dwarf in comparison to this one.

Another edit:
Be sure to enter your flavors into your Flavor Stash so you will be able to see all the recipes you can make. It makes everything a lot easier.


Also try clearing your cache - No percentages usually indicates a corruption of you cache… You can also try another browser.


Thanks Guys,
disabling AdBlock did the trick!


:fist: :eyes: :fist:

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Now go make a $10 donation, and the ads will disappear :wink:


@daath I went to go donate just now and it isn’t working? You get to the page where you put in your funds and I click on the paypal log in and then it tells me it can’t complete the transaction ? Oh crap he’s probably sleeping atm.

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Sounds weird - Is it giving you any specific error? I’ve nothing to do with it though - it’s probably PayPal :confused:

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Idk what the problem was last night but the donation went thru this morning, just now.

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Got it - Thanks a lot :smiley: Also sent you an email!

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