Why Cant I edit this one recipe Zoochberry Cream?

I have been trying to edit a recipe here, Zoochberry Cream to my own size at 60ml.
The comments there say: PG/VG-ratio: 26/74

To those people asking how they can tweak/modify/etc to a higher VG, you can’t. If you try to, you will unbalance the flavors. This recipe is 25% pg minimum. If these vendors offer PG free alternatives of the same flavor, you can use them to minimize PG usage, but you will still only have 75% VG max.

Although I normally do 70vg/30pg it wont let me change it. Even when I try to put in 74vg/26pg it will not let me adjust it to save the recipe, in the mls that i wish to make.
The only thing it will let me do is put it in as max VG.
I dont want that, nor does the recipe even say to make it at that amount.

No matter what I do otherwise, I see a RED BAR that says,
“Something is wrong with the PG/VG ratio?”

I have tried this numerous times but it will not work. Not sure what i am doing wrong?


My guess is your base isn’t letting you get to that ratio. You can try adjusting your desired strength to see if it will let you change your ratio then. What is your base nic at?

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Ah…ok, now I see whats taken place here
Nicotine juice 17 mg (100% VG)

Ok, got it. Never even thought to look at that. I thought perhaps the mixer had somehow locked it …lol
Oh well. Looked good. Not sure where you would go from there.

Think I will stay away from this one after all then if only because it stresses one can’t change the recipes percentages, etc.

Thanks for pointing that out to me. Kept thinking it was something that i was doing wrong.

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It’s 25.1% flavoring. Unless you have Real flavors VG based flavoring. Then wont matter. Made this myself and loved it. Try making it this way.

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this is an incredible recipe…if you allow it to steep for 4+ months, it truly gets better. the flavors have a tendency to stay busy until super long steep has occurred…then they become magical.

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I’m a little unsure how to proceed as my Nic is PG based but it wont let me change it. I’ve never had a receipe lock me out like this one.
I might just have to make a new listing, copying the flavours for myself, privately.

Thank you.

You said you had 17mg, 100% VG Nic base, right? And you want your final PG/VG ratio to be 30/70? The highest strength your final liquid can be with this recipe using that base and ratio is ~11.9mg.

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No, sorry, its 100 mg in a 100ml bottle but i only use 6mg in my ejuice.

So basically, If I make it using my nic, the percentages of all flavouring will be “off”, correct?
(hence flavour overall?)

At least this is what i am understanding?

No, the flavor percentages will remain the same. The amount of flavoring is a percent of the total volume, so that should stay the same in a 60ml no matter what the strength and base is. The difference will be how much nic base, PG, and VG you add.

You HAVE 100mg, 100% VG nic? and you WANT 6mg 30%PG / 70%VG final liquid?

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This works for me. Is it what you are trying to do?

No, I have PG based nic. 100mg
But here are screenshots.

Notice that the recipe notes say, "PG/VG-ratio: 26/74"
I have tried my regular 70vg/30PG as well as the 74vg/26pg to no avail, numerous times.

So I am not sure what i am doing wrong when I try to adapt it for my own private edit?
No matter what i do it will not let me save it.
Save button will not work, as if it is “greyed out” (but in green)
Bearing in mind I only took a screenshot of half of the flavours for space.

Ok, your Desired PG % is too low. You’ll need to increase it to 32 (or click the Max VG box) to get it to let you save it. Because your nic is PG, there’s no way for you to go lower than that and still have it at 6mg. The other option is to lower your strength to 4.9.

The recipe says what it says because the total flavor is 25% and flavor is PG. No matter what, even with 0 nic, the highest amount of VG you could get in this recipe is 75%. You can go UP in PG but not down unless you find comparable flavors that are VG based. Because your nic is PG based, if you want your final liquid to have nicotine, your minimum PG % will increase.

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Does clicking Max VG not do it for you?

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Ok so I did just change it to 68vg/32pg and it is now saving it.
So, I was going backwards.
I was reading the original 26pg/74vg and because it would not save there, I tried a few other combinations but apparently had it all backwards.

I doubt I am the only one that has made this mistake. :frowning:
I’ve never come across this yet in all of the recipes I have made.
My fear was that the changes I thought i had to make would unbalance it all.

Ok, problem solved. Thank you!!! Kudos!

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Max VG works but i dont vape 100% VG so I have never used it, unless i am also misunderstanding the reason for that max vg button?

Nope, definitely not the only one! I’ve had to finagle plenty of recipes to get them to work right. 9 times out of 10 when you get the red bar of doom it means your desired PG is too low.

You can also look at the recipe at the bottom before you save it and something in it will have a negative sign next to the amount. That is where the problem is and the element that needs to be changed.

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Yes, seeing that now.
Ok, so I guess until now I have just managed to land on the easy good ones :slight_smile:
Now I know for next time.

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Yep. Not many recipes have that high of a flavor %, which is the problem. Also why a lot of people try to stay under a certain % for total flavor.

I don’t use max VG either, but if there’s ever a red bar error, it will usually get you as close as possible to your desired PG/VG ratio. Max VG just adjusts the amount of extra VG/PG you add in order to get you the highest % of VG that you can. Very few people vape 100% VG, but a lot of people have a PG sensitivity or really like the big clouds from VG, so the Max VG option lets them minimize PG as much as possible

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Yeah it’ll offer you the max possible, but will allow for your PG flavourings. It just won’t allow for any extra PG, I click it most times. My mixes are usually all at least 80 VG though

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Well that was my next thought which I can turn into a question then.

That being that I too did wonder about the high percentages.
I tend to prefer subtle vapes such as Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Sugar Rush, Strawberry Cream but I thought it was time to branch out and find other berries for vaping.

So hmmmm. 2 others above say it tastes awesome, One after a 4 month steep, which did make me wonder about it.