Why do custards need to sit for 30days?

Why do custards need to sit for so damn long?? I love them and want to vape them nowww!! But I tried and the Butterscotch is ready but the custard in it is definitely not its 16 days in but you can’t taste the custard yet.


They dont need to…However , they do tend to develop into a richer thicker and tastier liquid over time…A lot of the newer Custards dont need that long…You are mainly referring to Capella VCv1 and TPA Vanilla Custard…The other custard take a week to 2 weeks…


Another approach to the answer is that the flavor of custard is very far from anything that is actual custard, it is synthetic flavorings that are trying to replicate a rich thick dairy product, and that is difficult to do.
So the compounds need to sit and simmer.
I found that if you can get a few other recipes in your pipeline, its easier to tuck away your “steepers” till they are ready.
You’ll get your rhythm down.
Make 'em sooner! Then they’re ready sooner.


So they don’t completely eat arse.

You can add other vanilla-based flavours to your custards though that’ll be tastable while you’re waiting for the custard to fester: Capella’s French Vanilla for example - I use that in my custard anyway and you can taste that shit right off the shake just fine.

After about a week the custard itself starts coming out to enrich and thicken the flavour up, but you get the french vanilla until then.

That’s how I try to do all my mixes: with a flavour or two that’ll be tasty enough while I’m waiting for the juice to actually steep, because I’m an impatient fuckhead who cannot wait for anything, so I shake and vape even custards with instant flavours in em, then continue vaping as it changes.

I also think that’s a good way to learn how flavours develop: vaping it instantly, then every day (or regularly anyway) as the flavours emerge will fast-track your knowledge about the flavours in your shit.

Yeah I dunno what causes custard flavour to take so long but it’s notoriously well known for it’s million-year steep requirement and it’s not just some minor bullshit flavour improvement - it’s chalk and cheese, the difference between well steeped and fresh-mixed.

Matter of fact, I cannot taste any custard in any custard mix when I first mix it: that’s with either Capella’s Vanilla Custard v1 or Vapetrain Australia’s Warm Custard (which is basically exactly the same custard as Capellas, without the vanilla added - the custard flavour is exactly the same) - only after that first week do I start to get custard, and it just deepens over time.

And sure that’s partly because I’ve always mixed the custard with other complimentary “custard boosting” flavours, never solo, but still - the custard is completely invisible until a week or so, when it suddenly is just there with bells on.


Good idea.


Custard is actually the only flavour I can leave to steep without needing to sample it before it’s had time in the dark now: having tasted it so much I know how it’ll be so there’s no keeness to pre-vape and I manage to leave them alone pretty much, mostly, now :wink:


I am still curious though: if Vanilla Custard tastes that good after 2-4 weeks steeping, I wonder if French Vanilla (CAP) or Vanilla-bean Ice-cream (TFA) would taste equally full and rich after 2-4 week cupboard-time :thinking:

There’s a few flavours I will have to try single like that, but not so much for SFTing - just to see if they steep-out as well as custard.


definitely, IMO it needs three weeks. I don’t know about the french vanilla though.


Depends on whose arse you’re talkin bout!


which ones are these major custards? That only take a couple weeks? I have custard(FA) is that one?


Fa Custard Original isnt one list below are all VC that dont need 30day steep like Cap VCV1 does

Fa Premium Custard
WFSC Vanilla Custard
FLV Vanilla Custard
JF Vanilla Custard
TPA Vanilla Custard II
Inw Custard

Shit i cant think of anymore off the top of me head …If you want a good custard that doesnt need steep

4pct LB VIC
.5 pct FLV vanilla pudding

This is from Fresh03 he calls it his quick custard

FA Premium Custard is my personal fave …


What would you compare this one to? Not that I can find it in Oz.


I guess a upgraded less greasy Cap VCV1 with less steep time…Hmm maybe a cross between Premium and WF …

Well to be honest I have only used it in recipes and have never SFT …lmao


Thanks, that gives me the idea, I knew you spoke my lingo!


JF is Juice Factory or Jungle Flavours? Never can tell with some these days as I thought Jungle Flavours had changed their name.


Jungle Flavours I took it as, I found it but I’ve seen the price of shipping from that place.


Yeah, being as it was from Fiddy I reckon your right. Not many Jungle Favour stuff around here that I have found either…


Juice Factory have some. Did they ship to you?


The Juice Factory JF Super Concentrates are in house ones as far as I know, not Jungle Flavours. But yes, I do have an order being shipped with the JFSC Van Custard, JFSC Cheesecake and FA Custard Premium. Oh, and some new scales…


Jungle Flavors…Sorry I fogot you all had Juice Factory down there