Why do you like/dislike this mod?

I am in the market to buy a new mod. After reading several threads on here, I came up with a number of choices.

I’m just sick and tired of my Smok Alien 220. It is inconsistent. The problem is that while it performs nicely for a a month or two, after a while, it would burn my pre-made coils or even the cotton on my rdta.

The reason I am sure it is the mod and not anything else is that I tried it side by side with my friend’s Smok mod. when I use the rdta on the Alein, it would burn within 3-4 puffs. Then I would take that same rdta and use it on my friend’s Smok mod and it would preform nicely. The same happens when I do the opposite and take the tank that my friend was using on his mod. His tank would perform nicely on his mod. As soon as I put that same tank on my Alien mod it would give a burning taste very fast.

I thought of updating the firmware, but Smok has a bad link to the update on my version: V1.2.1

I am only in the market for dual batteries. I vape 40-55 watts. Even though I don’t use temp control, I’d like to have that option in case I decide to use it in the future. I am not looking to spend more than $100.

As I said earlier, I read a lot about how good some mods are. So, I made a list based on my reading. While I value your suggestions, I am hoping you folks could help me, not by suggesting more mods, but only giving your feedback on your experience with the ones I have on my list.

To make this a little easier on everyone, my question will be simple: What do you like or dislike the most about one or more of the mods here? to clarify, I am looking for problems or qualities that sets these mods apart. Meaning, if you knew this problem, you wouldn’t have purchased this specific mod. Or by contrast, that one mode is way superior than the other mods on this list, making my choice much easier.

Without further due, here is my list:
1-Voopoo Drag
2-Vaporesso Revenger
4-Smoant Battlestar or cyclone
5-GTRS Vboy
6-Lavabox M
7-Therion 166 or 75
8-Paranormal 166 or 75

Thank you all in advance

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the smoant charon tc 218 is pretty awesome , i believe smoant products are a great VALUE


The DNA Chip has been the mark of consistency for me for around 2 years now. I haven’t seen a better value than this deal below. It not only does what the mods you’re considering will do in VW mode… it does even more in TC mode, with room for growth whenever you want. It’s being offered at less than half the MSRP…


For me it has to be the GTRS Vboy, I have the Voopoo Drag, Therion BF and the Paranormal 75C and 95% of the time i’m using the Vboy.
Not to heavy and feels great in the hand, absolutely love this mod.


The thing I dislike the most about the iPV8 is, nothing. I love the looks, hand feel, and performance. One of my all time favorite mods.


I’m just curious if you all use these in TC Mode? Also if you have tried a DNA Mod?


iPV8 has a great TC chipset. I have not used a DNA to compare. But, I must concede, Arctic Fox is a better TC platform. iPV8 is not compatible or I would have converted it.


I second that. I’ve won this a couple of months ago and have used it every single day since.
I don’t use TC so I can’t comment on that but it does very well in VW.


I have these that you mentioned:

Vaperesso Revenger: Good solid mod physically. Good for either VW or TC. Some menu choices can be weird to get in and out of.

IPV8: Good solid mod physically. Very good for either VW or TC. Mine lost its paint in a hurry. Battery door constantly flops open. I use electrical tape on it when I use it.

Therion 75 and 166/Paranormal 75C. Good solid mod physically. Very good in VW or TC AFTER you get done calibrating them using Escribe, e.g. 166 set to 400°F heats coil to 440°F. All came calibrated incorrectly from Lost Vape. Gun metal paint did rub off.




i have not used in TC mode , i actually only use power mode ( watts ) i have not used any dna mods



I have a couple Paranormals and love them all. A bit pricey, but very good. The 75C’s get a bad rap for being 85% efficient, but I never have a problem with them. Highly recommended.

@fidalgo_vapes is right, the Charon’s are a reasonably priced, solid mod. Have a few of them as well, and never had an issue with heavy useage.


My order of awesomeness (i have not included any dna mods as i do not own one) I have added one more for consideration

1 vboy
2. Ipv xyanide

The smoant charon is also a great mod

I do have an ip8 and I love it however I had one returned to me the other day by a customer with the PRESS fit 510 had come adrift


I have the Vaporesso Revenger X, which is basically the original Revenger but with touch buttons instead and a slightly update chip, and I basically love everything about it … except one thing.

It is remarkably small, compact and lightweight for a dual battery mod and extremely comfortable to hold and use, it also has a large and bright screen, a logical and easy to use UI with basically every function you could ever want … BUT … the temperature control is extremely glitchy :frowning_face:

The problem is that it locks in the cold resistance way to low, which basically means that it thinks that the coil is already ~200°C before you even press the fire button. In order to get it to lock in the correct resistance I have to perform a song and dance routine everytime I change atomizer … which I obviously do as little as possible.

I don’t know if the original Revenger has the same problem, or for that matter if all the X’s have this problem or it is just mine, but for this reason I can’t recommend it as a TC mod. If however you don’t use TC I think it will be just fine.

I don’t have this one, but despite generally praised both in general and for its TC, I have heard of a couple of cases with the exact same TC glitch as I have on the Revenger X.

I also don’t have any of these, but I do have another DNA mod, and I absolutely love it … without any exceptions whatsoever :wink:

The best way to describe the difference between a DNA mod and all the others, would be as the difference between a professional tool vs. a hobbyist tool. It is just so much better, not only when it comes to TC, but also in all the small details, and the setup and calibration options it has. Also, Evolve has what is arguably the best customer support and warranty in the market.

If it was me who was looking for a new mod, my priorities would be:

  1. Paranormal 166 (or pretty much any DNA mod).
  2. GTRS Vboy.
  3. Smoant Cyclone.

i havent used the battlestar yet , but i just opened it up and love the look and feel , i was actually expecting a much bigger profile this little mod is perfect as far as feel goes cant wait to use it


Personally if you are not interested in tc and only watts I would vote for voopoo drag. The roi on the two that is great. I am literally vaping on one right now. Reliable, durable, and all around good value.

If you are ever remotely interested in tc the 166 dna and you are ok with the price then you will be happy with both power and tc. I have two and am very happy with them as well.


Drag does TC, hit your fire button 3 times to change from watts to Temp.

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I use voopoo drag since august 2017, given to me by a friend who used it for about 3 months before that (he said). The tc mode is a bit strange, different coefficient and i have to set the resistance after firing it.
I dropped it many times, carried it in my pocket under heavy rain, and it still fired up like the day i got it.
I’m thinking about getting another one too, and have my eye on paranormal 166, but will wait for dna 250c :crossed_fingers:
Still looking for mods that’s built like a tank.
Some people said smoant battlestar is one.
So, my recommendation would be :

  1. Voopoo drag - tested and proven personally
  2. Paranormal 166 - will wait for dna 250c, a good upgrade from my mod.
  3. Smoant battlestar - cheaper choice, but a lot of people would swear that it will last a lifetime.

I’ve had good experiences with DNA chips and my Joyetech Cuboid 150. The Cuboid is very well built and just keeps going. My DNA mod is a 1x18650 75W. I’m not using any fancy modes, just power mode around 40-50W but it’s very consistent and certainly not my last DNA mod.
Have you thought about a PWM mod? I built one just to see what the fuzz was about and it’s now my favorite. Very simple, just a dial or buttons to set the voltage.

The red one is a dual 18650 PWM and the other is the DNA75. The parts are under $100 for the DNA mod and it’s very easy to build.


The only reason why you shouldn’t necessarily get a DNA is if you refuse to use TC.
And even then, DNA boards are so efficient, you probably still save a bit in battery life with a DNA.

I’d always go for a higher powered device than a lower powered device. Since the load is spread over multiple batteries, you notice a little extra oompf and I like that in a vape, even at 50W.