Why does my juice turn brown a few hours after I use it?

I make my own ejuice. I steep it for a week to two weeks. Great color when I’m steeping. Awesome flavor, but some flavors a few hours after I put it in ny tank and vape its turning brown. Not really loosing a lot of flavor. If anyone could help it would be appreciated

Most likely this happens when you are vapeing something with Vanilla in it, is this correct? The longer Vanilla steeps, the darker it gets. Especially when it has a lot of nic in it. Sounds as though you are doing a fast steep in your tank and there is nothing to worry about…

FYI: Many people are under the false impression that if a juice turns dark brown on the self that that juice is bad and should not be purchased. A juice that has turned darker in color is actually a WELL STEEPED juice and more than likely the best it can be. Pass it on…


The other part is that your coils may be ready to be replaced. When I was rocking the aspire nautilus mini sometimes you could see alittle bit of discolored liquid coming from the coil. It was more obvious when switching flavors. A few more days later the coil was ready to be replaced.


I second this. While using my last coil, all juice I put into the tank turned brown after ~2 weeks of use. That’s the first time it ever happened. You will probably notice that the coil is affecting flavor once you get a new/clean one.

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What flavors arw u vaping

I have noticed that custards and cakes gunk the coils up quicker

Coil is 3 days old. The mojito was the first to do it and now the strawberry

Since the cool is only 3 days old could I just run some water thru it and let it dry???

What kind of coil is it? I’ve had more than a few nautilus coils last less than one week which is why I don’t use them anymore.

As far as running water through it, somebody else would need to address that.

1.6 ohm nautilus

I just ordered the cubis I’m hoping that will work better

In my experience this is something that happens with specific sweet flavors. I suspect it’s just a little caramelization. No worries.

I used to notice my Nautilus coils doing that to the juice in my tanks pretty regularly. Now I use the Uwell Crown tank and have no issues. The coils last for several weeks to a month+ too!

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Thank you everyone for the help!!! Very informative

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The reason it turns darker is as the others insinuated - your coils have become slightly covered in charred left overs from your liquid. When you take a drag you pull juice into the atomizer, and when you stop dragging, a little bit of juice is pulled back into the tank from the atomizer. This returning juice has become slightly colored by the charred stuff in your atty, and each time you take a drag it happens again :slightly_smiling:


If it is indeed the coil getting old. That’s why I use my crown tank. Even though the coil did get old I haven’t had the same issue. I replaced my first coil after 1.5 months due to loosing a bit of flavor. Great coils. The aspire products are good by the coils only last me 1-2 weeks.

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It’s not really gonna hurt anything. Just kinda happens. I wouldn’t worry it about it too much as long as you’re getting good flavor and vapor. :slightly_smiling:


Yea that’s kinda what in said. The mojito flavor tastes like alcohol…so won’t be using that again. Even though it turned colors my strawberry taste god

I just ordered the joye cubis. I hope this will give me better coils. I have to be careful of what I buy. I’m a mouth to lung and right now can’t really handle massive air flow

So question…when this happens can I run water thru the coil and let it dry

Well you can try, of course :slight_smile: When it gets too bad for me, I just put in a new coil…