Why does my liquid exhale taste like plastic?

Hey guy ,i am a newbie
The problem I’m having is that my homemade juices exhale like plastic burning.
it’s a 70/30
The recipe is as follows
9% Strawberry
4% Bavarian Cream
2% caramel
2% sweetener
All fragrances come from TPA
I tried VG and PG and found that the problem is not from them, which makes me wonder which fragrance is the problem
Or is there anyone to tell me what brand of fragrance I should use
I am from Asia and my English is not very good. The above article is from translation software. If anyone doesn’t understand or feels malicious, please believe me, it’s not intentional, please reply and help me, thanks


No worries dude, you’re good … I understand what you’re getting at and for the post party it seems like your concentrates (aromas) are kinda high, you can try lowering them a bit and see if that helps, there’s a point where some flavours can be used high and become really cloying or strong tasting. You have to keep in mind these are artificial and will taste like chemicals if used too high. Kinda interesting that it isn’t muting at all, especially with that TPA Sweetener as it has I think 5% em in the sweetener itself if memory serves me correctly… Anyways, you can half those percentages and achieve something a little better…

zài lián xi!!


Welcome to the forum …what SB is thst your using and 4pct bavarian cream is a tad to high especially in todays devices …What type of device do you use ?? Also what Tpa sweetner are you using


device : single coil RDA
I don’t really understand, is there a different sweetener?


ok thanks, I will take your advice, will keep trying different ratios lately, start small, haha


Or, are there many types of sweeteners?


Yeah, it’s better just to start low and increase if you need to… Can always add but you can’t subtract as they say.


Ok, I noticed that you said these are artificial, I am considering buying some natural flavors to mix, if it is natural flavors there should be no chemical taste, even if it is added more, what do you think?


Then I found in your reply (zài lián xi!!), this seems to be in Chinese, I don’t know if it is what you want to express, do you want me to reply to you again?


No …Natural Flavors will have off notes as well


Welcome and glad you joined.
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