Why has Strawberry (TFM) changed to (Flavomonks)?

Hadn’t been on e-liquid recipes in a couple years, came back recently, happy to see all my recipes. Weird thing, is my Strawberry from The Flavour Mill, a South African company selling local concentrates, had been renamed to say it was from Flavormonks. While Strawberry (TFM) is not in a lot of recipes, if anyone tries the recipe with the incorrect concentrate it won’t come out the same. Who is responsible for editing flavours, or is there a way I can do it myself?
Thank you!

Edit: I see other flavours have been changed to Flavormonks too, Condensed Milk, Bubblegum and Apricot have all been edited.


Best thing to do is delete and reenter flavor using the entire name so Strawberry (Flavour Mill) see if it works that way…


Here’s the skinny without the horror show.
For starters I don’t see any Strawberry (TFM) used in your recipes at all. You can click this link for your stats.

Now I do see you have some (TFM) identified in that listing :blush:

While looking at your ‘flavor stash’ if you do see any that were changed incorrectly to ‘Flavormonks’ you need to re-add them as TFM and delete the ‘Flavormonks’ entry.


Why can’t I change the FlavorMonks back to the original TFM? Are all people who originally added TFM concentrates to recipes, only to have it changed to flavormonks without their knowledge, therefore changing their recipes, must they all be informed individually so that they can change each recipe manually?
Isn’t it extremely dodgy that someone actually edited an existing concentrate from the flavour list, yet I’m not allowed to revert the falvour name back tp the original? So can someone just go to Capella concentrates and change the company to Flavormonks, and then you’ll recommend everyone to change it manually like you said to me? Wow.


Very simple…Mistakes happen in life and sometimes we have to adapt. The flavor database was getting crazy and people tried to fix it manually. This was months ago maybe even more than a year. Calm down change the flavor name and get back to mixing with that flavor. Have fun mixing

Wow?? Its a simple fix that takes little effort Im not sure why its a WOW suggestion.


One of the problems is that The Flavour Mill doesnt make flavorings, they rebrand. We had tried to put them under their proper names but were cut off before finishing so it is what it is. Dont worry, we will never again try to do something to help fix the site. So please feel free to enter them any way you want.

Sorry for the confusion and welcome to the forums!


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