Why is it always when I order

Want to know why it is always if I need 5 flavors ECX and Wizard (One or the other) will always be out of ONE flavor I need in the list so I have to either wait or order from both places?

It’s a conspiracy by the post office I tell you!


I happens to me on every order. Then I play the balancing act, trying to get one order with the more important stuff quickly, or get one order to hit free shipping, or go looking for some stuff I could use to get free shipping… It often takes me an hour to get my list ordered.


This makes me so happy :wink:
Not that you have to order at two or more places, but that I’m not alone in the "damnit, you’re out of {______________}*

*Insert last item needed here

I thought I was the only one that every single stinkin time I order everybody is out of a different flavor on my list. If I checked 20 vendors it would still be true. :slight_smile:


It’s a postal conspiracy of global magnitude.


I haven’t been able to get vanilla shisha with any of my last ten orders it drives me crazy

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Wow. Ecx and bull city didn’t have vanilla shisaha inw. What a shame.


never in stock when i order

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Happens to everyone im sure