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Why is my 100mg/ml nic brown? is this normal?


@Jordan26 You had me @ “It was dark brown”. Yeah, I’d say they are full of $%^&##%^. I’ve NEVER received an order of ANY shade of brown NIC before, and I probably wouldn’t use any more of that NIC if I was you. Dark color, harsh, say no more. Toss it, if they won’t refund your money, take them off the list, and go elsewhere.

I don’t know where you are storing your NIC, but in amber glass bottles, in your freezer would be the best, just in case you get some NOT dark brown NIC, and you want to keep it that way.


thanks i was drawn to them as they ship to Hawaii for free but i will gladly pay shipping for better quality products.


Thanks for the suggestion


@Jordan26 I think you see how much the free shipping was worth, hehe.

Nude Nicotine (expensive, and slower processing), or @Nicotine_River will take FAR better care of you.

I tested some TWO year old NIC from Nude Nic, and it’s barely off clear, after 2 years !!!



If it’s brown, flush it down !!!


sry but thks to @SessionDrummer and many other suggestions, thread and your crisis could have been avoided Where do you buy your NIC from? you win some u lose some. Deal w/ vendors that are accustom to DIY. Welcome aboard! You can introduce yourself : Be polite and introduce yourself! and get started, forum search engine is your friend, please dont hesitate to use it as it has so many answer beyond the given e-liquid questions DIY: Spare Atomizer/ RDA holder tribute to saxon, but embarressed that i cant recall his exact handle.

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But don’t do this while totally exhausted and always remember to leave room for expansion.

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Maybe try eciggity, they are in Hawaii


@Jordan26 Listen to @Daven don’t do what I did LOL !!!

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For what it’s worth, I have 100mg Nic in the freezer 26 months old from Nicotine River, and it is crystal clear! If yours is Brown…its OXIDIZED!!


it came in a clear bottle per ? pics from site, problems right there. Rock on guys! even more he said thks! I wont be embarrassed by helping a fool and not get at least a thank you here. Gl to u @Jordan26


Vapewilds real claim to fame is they have dirt cheap juice. They also mix and ship, so any juice you get from them still has to steep. My experience with vapewild is that they are good at what they do, but what they do isn’t that good lol everyone else has already said everything else I would say, that being said my preference is nicotine river.


I’ve never purchased their diy supply, however I’ve gotten juices as I started vaping. Most of them were extremely harsh to a point that it made me actually cry. Not kidding so I never purchased liquid there again. However couple weeks ago I purchased a second wasp nano and they send me samples. Anything that did have nicotine in it, even at max VG and different pg/VG ratios were brutally harsh and peppery. The ones with 0 nic were basic flavors I won’t be longing for but did not have that harshness. Its defiantly the nic they are mixing with and now obviously selling. As others mentioned look for a better place.


Yeah i ordered some vg pg and flavor concentrates from vapewild when i decided to try diy too. I dont know for a fact but i would bet a lot that theyre not making their own flavors, theyre likely rebottling from tpa or flavorwest. So if you do decide to shop elsewhere, for flavors i would suggest diyvaporsupply, nicotineriver, and bullcityflavors. Be sure to really peruse this site and you’ll find tons of info on all the best flavors and everything else diy. Dont let the bad first experience discourage you too much. It took me a while to finally just follow the advice from what i read here and now i cant imagine not making my own juice. Good luck!


I have received my nic from liquid barn and made the following recipe by weight. could you look it over and tell me if it appears to be accurate. the nic strength i used was 48mg/ml
base liquid 4.44g
PG 9.40g
VG 49.65 g
iced tea (7%) 4.35g
raspberry (4%) 2.49g
honey (2%) 1.24g
the target liquid is 60ml at 3mg nic and 70/30 vg/pg i used a e liquid calculator app i had on my phone i am currently steeping it, just wanted to double check that the quantity of each ingredient was accurately calculated


I don’t know if your nicotine is PG or VG based but I calculated them both on the ELR calculator with your flavours (random brands)




Just in case it is 50/50 :grinning:



Thanks i think i will start using the ELR calc from now on.


Nicely done @Josephine_van_Rijn


What I’ve found is that 100mg/ml Nic in PG oxidizes and turns brown pretty quickly. I highly recommend your next Nic purchase in VG, it will eliminate that problem. I’ve had a 500ml bottle for over a year now and its still clear. Of course once it’s mixed with flavorings, which are typically in pg, the mix will begin to turn light brown but depending on your pg/vg ratio it will probably take a few months.

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@pyroguy I have not found that to be true with my NIC. Realizing that viscosity and shelf life come into play, I tested some 100mg 100% PG NIC after 2 years, and it was as clear as the day I received it.

HOW and WHERE you store your NIC will make all the difference. If you do not break down your large bottle into smaller bottles, and store in the freezer you will rapidly oxidize your NIC. The major issue with 100%VG NIC is that the VG is very thick, making it very hard to NOT get hot spots (unevenly mixed) before you mix with it. If you heat the VG NIC up to compensate for this, that can also speed the oxidation of the NIC. Heat, light, and air are the enemies IMO, not the base it is in.