Why is my throat getting sore

Hey everyone been vaping for almost a year now and for the past month I’ve been noticing I have a sore throat every morning when I wake up and throughout the day does anybody know what it actually is is it the PG that causes sore throat or is it the nicotine lately I’ve been using my OBS Engine 2 I use cotton bacon I’ve been mixing my juice 70/30 at 12% nicotine and I just been really sticking with RY4 double with maybe some sweet cream or some caramel really didn’t notice this till the Past two weeks I guess if anybody has experienced with this and or maybe have some suggestions really could use the help it’s kind of making vaping an enjoyable anymore thanks guys


Is it just a sore throat or also feeling a bit dehydrated?
When you vape, you should increase your fluid intakes. For most people it’s an obvious thing but some people need to be reminded of it. PG has a side effect of dehydrating you a bit. It can cause sore throats, dry mouth, headaches, … simple solution to drink more water during the day, especially now with these heat waves everwhere.

You could also be sensitive towards PG or maybe you’re vaping on the wrong type of metal… there are quite a couple options here. You’re going to have to experiment a bit by drinking more and/or vaping max VG juices to find out what’s causing it. Try a non-flavored juice to see if it is the flavors perhaps or a coil with a different metal.

I don’t know how you vape, but it could also just be that you need to change your coils more often. After a good month, it’s time to ditch that coil :rofl:


For me if my pg is too hi it bothers my throat. I would try different pg/vg ratios, different juices, different wattages, different devices if you have them. Hopefully you will find something that helps you.


Every hot summer i get a sore throat, usually in the morning, from being in the air conditioning and vaping all day. Lungs get a little tight at times too. I drink well over a gallon of water a day but it still happens. I usually have some tea with honey in it when it does.

It could just be time to lower your nic too.


If you haven’t changed your routine then what @Ken_O_Where said…airconditioning, summer heat and dehydration.

Beyond that maybe you are developing a sensitivity to pg or your body is telling you your vaping too much. Our bodies are amazing and they tell us something is off

Now if you have changed something you need to look at that. Did you can who you use for vg, pg, or nic? How old is your juice (this shouldn’t be an issue, but if it’s really old by your own standards maybe)? Did you change your coil build? How are you about cleaning your gear?


I would run an experiment and vape only with a clean wicked RDA for one day. Could go with couple of drops of 100% VG and a maybe a drop of your 70/30 with nic flavor mix. If the next morning your throat feels better, could try one more day with the combination to confirm. Positive results would lead me to believe that your next VG/PG percentage ratio would be maximum VG in your next DIY mixes.


Has anything changed in the last 30 days?

Resupply of PG? Is it from a different source?

Did you change a brand in your flavoring? You mentioned 3… RY4, sweet cream, and caramel. Did you recently restock one from a new source?

Look at what’s changed first. If nothing has changed, perhaps a flavor is going bad, or was exposed to heat/sunlight, etc… Perhaps your nic has started to go bad…

There’s a lot of possibilities, but you need to approach the obvious first, and be systematic about it to be able to narrow it down.

There’s the possibility that your body is changing, and is starting to develop an aversion (or sensitivity) to PG. You could also try mixing 80vg, and see if you notice an improvement.

Hopefully you find the cause which will lead to a solution!


My throat still feels kind of ok but what i get somethimes is a sore voice …
Probably related to ‘something’ that happens in my throath with a particular e-juice.

I Always have to scrape my throath in order to talk, very annoying and have no clue as to how this happens.


I like this advice. Sounds more scientific. Maybe some unflavored VG with your Nic% …likely not to work well in your tank, therefore the RDA (dripper) advice. Then add just the flavorings the next day (or two). Process of elimination


It might sound stupid and probably is, but have you added more sweetener to your mixes or changed the kind of sweetener?

I’ve been mixing a lot more for friends lately, all of them love commercial juices (the in your face sweetness). I rarely use sweetener of any kind in my own mixes, and if I do it’s very low (0.05-0.15%).

However having to test these mixes I make for them, is giving me the same result. I wake up with a sore throat or get it late at night. I even notice it even more, if I use the sweetenerin particular sucralose (super sweet) in recipes with caramels, salty caramel, peanut butter, chocolates and/or heavy dense high cream recipes.

Maybe this doesn’t apply in your case and the examples listed by everyone else here, might be more the issue, but I still thought that I share my experience. Hope you can figure it out.


As somebody with loads of food/chemical /drug sensitivities, I’ve found the elimination approach to tracking down the issue absolutely invaluable.

If possible, eliminate all the potential causes at once, as @BoDarc suggests and see if the problem improves, then reintroduce the flavourings etc. one by one, every few days. Also , when doing any kind of elimination trial, try listening to your body, and taking notes about any other concurrent health issues. because these sometimetimes throw up some totally unexpercted links!

One other possibility: have you changed the way you clean your kit at all? I started gietting some really severe symptoms (which I won’t describe) when I first started using alcohol to sterilise my kit. It took quite a long time for the penny to drop: most spirits are made from gluten-containing grains. I already knew that I’m extemely sensitive to guten , but as a non-drinker, i hadn’t thought much about it’s presence in alcohol until then!

So, do bear in mind that if you’re sensitive to something in your vape, you might be sensitive to mere traces of the stuff, so the advice about clean wicks is good!

Elimination trials are a lot of faff, but they can save a lot of misery in the long term.

PS. also bear in mind that it needn’t be anything you’ve recently changed. Sensitivities tend to spring into being quite sudden;y, after a “sensitisation” period, which can often take some considerable time, so don’t rule anything out purely on the basis that you’ve been using this thing without issue for a year.

All this said, it might only be due heat and dehydration like @Ken_O_Where says! I do hope so! So maybe simply increasing your fluid intake should be the first thing to try!


Thanks guys ill have to try lowering my pg and my nic i just thought it was funny with vaping so long and now haveing a problem


Don’t feel bad @Jacktay1200 It happened to me as well. Let us know how the changes impact things.

I had a pretty heavy sore throat about a month in to DIY territory. It hurt to swallow and kind of had a dry click feeling. It turns out I had some fishy-smelling nic. It was my first run and I just thought nicotine was supposed to smell like that! Switched to a new batch and all problems disappeared.


it’s the 12% nicotine you put in there

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Chuckle but better gear, higher watts many cant do 12mg let alone 12%