Why not pre mix your base?

Well for a while now I stopped using my scale other than making my base and stones. I think out of laziness I started making 120ml of base. Makes making 10ml tests super easy. I don’t measure my flavours anymore(I do have some mixes that I do use a scale for but that’s when I make a 120ml). I just use drops when I make my 10mls. Cut the tip down on your base dispenser so it will flow faster and there you go super easy for me anyways.


That’s what I do. I know others who have also been premixing their bases for awhile now. Like you, for 10 ml testers I just drip my flavors then add my premix base. I don’t use nic in those. I’ve got the premix in a tall 240 ml squeeze bottle with a cone twist cap. For large mixes I just pour it in.


I always use a base for testing flavors. I prefer just a VG/PG solution. I add the nic to each bottle as I go though. I suppose I could have it in the solution but will have to think on it.

Adding everything separate when making little 10ml testers is a drag. A pre mixed base is the way to go for sure…


Yeah, I don’t add nic until it’s ready to vape. Even then, I’ve made many a tests that I wouldn’t waste my nic on :laughing:


I have never done it any other way. I started DIY buying 500ml pre mixed base, nicotine included. It wasn’t long before I switched to buying 1000ml pre mixed base each time buying additional flavor concentrates in the same order. Eventually I found this forum and discovered Steam Crave products. I started using the Aromamizer Plus as my daily device. My juice consumption made a quantum leap daily driving the Aromamizer Plus and the 1000ml orders weren’t cutting it. That’s when I started buying my VG, PG, and Nic separate from River Supply (Nicotine River). I still make pre mixed base, two or three Liter’s at a time. Its way more convenient for me having the pre mix ready. My mixing sessions take less time, space, and mess. Another benefit is not opening the Nicotine bottle as many times as I would otherwise.


Never done it otherwise, I don’t even own a scale, the thing about nicotine in Europe is that we can only buy it in 10ml/20mg 70/30or50/50vg/pg so it is easier.