Why series mech mods are considered advanced vaping?

well i have seen many people in sites or forums considering Series mech mods as very advanced vaping… and still i don’t get it…

sure someone needs to know ohm’s law, his hardware and batteries too, coil building… though this isn’t something that changing in ANY kind of mech mod,… single,battery, parallel or series…

could someone explain me about it please? what makes series mods considered as “more advanced” ?

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Your average person wants to walk into a store, buy a mod, an atty, and go about their business. Changing a coil is even more than they want to deal with a lot of times.

There you have your basic vaper. They don’t want to know about Ohm’s Law, Vaping isn’t a hobby to them. It’s a tool to keep them off of cigarettes. My wife is in this category. she doesn’t care about how any of it works, she only cares that it works.

Whereas, with mech mods a lot more knowledge and care is required. Sure, as long as you have the right batteries and coil combination there’s nothing to worry about. But the wrong combination of Sub Ohm coil and battery could mean disaster for the unwitting. It takes someone actually wanting to know and understand how these things work in order to do it in a safe manner. It’s more of a hobbyist item at this point than an every day consumer item.


sure mech mods are NOT for someone that just wants to be kept away from stinkies m8… no doubts about it… ofcrouse you need to know ohms law, your batteries, using a suitable Subohm Coil/tank, experience in building coils etc… how to keep the mod in good condition etc etc…
all these above go to ANY kind of mech mods no matter if they work with one, two or 100 batteries, single, paralllel or series…

though this doesn’t answer my question… /
why specifically “series” mods considered as “more advanced” for vaping even when compared with single battery tubes or parallel ones?

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You’re right, I missed the specific there with it being Series mods.

This article explains it pretty well.

I believe each type requires the same amount of knowledge and wouldn’t consider either one to be more advanced than the other, just a different preference in vaping and building style.


thank you very much sir,

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Here is a little article that will explain it to you a little (it is very conservative with the boom calculations)


thank you m8, i have read that in the past, it’s really a nice article…

but besides the 0.4-0.5 ohms coil i was wondering are there any other reasons SERIES mods are considered “more advanced?” seriously i have seen this tonz of times in forums etc… i know the ohms law very well, i use mech mods anyway… though like this i feel i miss something :slight_smile:
thank you very much again :slight_smile:

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Think of it this way, on a platform like this you can only hope people will read and understand what is being said, As a warning we can say “This is for more advanced users” as a way to signal that additional considerations need to be taken. If they have used a parallel but still are not completely understanding of Ohms Law and the reason additional care needs to be taken when using a series mod, then we want to warn that user. If you understand ohms law, the difference between 3.7 to 4.2 volt parallel box, the coils that can be used vs 7.4 to 8.4 volts and the coils needed then you are an advanced user that will build safely.


This answer may not specifically address series configurations, but a fantastic answer nonetheless.