Why the public doesn't like us/Interesting about polyethylene glycol

Wanted to you all something quite interesting. I have been taking polyethylene glycol daily for constipation for about 8 years. Hmmm. It hasn’t hurt me a bit, was recommended by my colon doctor, and this article says it’s even healthy for your lungs. Here’s the link about PG, PEG. http://ejuiceconnoisseur.com/2013/10/21/the-final-word-on-propylene-glycol-vs-polyethylene-glycol/

I’d really like to get to the roots of why people want to steer vapers away from vaping.

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My hairdresser/barber is a pretty girl of about 28 years of age - she smokes, and she is positively convinced that I will die of vaping. She’s not concerned about smoking though. I can’t convince her :stuck_out_tongue:


I was the same way about 2 1/2 years ago; thought vaping was a fad and it’d die out soon enough. There was no way vaping was going to take the place of my RYO Peter Stokkebye goodness. Thank goodness I had to eat crow on those thoughts!


I really think it is the visual, like a big truck, a power plant, everyone has been taught “where there’s smoke…” Think of it like this, we are trying to teach people that it is ok to inhale water. You know its true, believe it, and don"t give up! We will be the difference! Vape on!


Here’s why…

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Because the States are losing money. With so many people making the transition the states arent collecting the cig tax and since so many states borrowed against the big tobacco settlement cash they require people to smoke.

If it is deemed a cessation device then insurance companies will be forced into providing them, especially if they are proven safer, as we all know they are.

It all boils down to money and ignorance.

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We might have gotten side tracked - That was probably my fault. Am I right in assuming that @Joya wants to discuss why we don’t use PEG-400?

For myself these are the reasons:

  • Poor vapor production
  • PEG is a laxative
  • PEG’s LD50 (median lethal dose) is 768 mg/kg ** (yes, I know vaping will never come close to producing that)
  • PG works
  • VG works


**) That is actually ethylene glycol - which is what is produced when PEG is processed

There are many types of PEG:

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Thanks Jaybird. It just urks me that even at the lung doctors’ office, they cut down vaping right away without even researching it even a little bit. For goodness sake, I would have kept smoking cigarettes and died in 3 years or less. You’d think even just for that reason, they would promote my vaping rather than saying bad things about it.
I went to my regular 6 mo. checkup and the receptionist started to say bad things about vaping. I cut her off and said “Please do some research before you make comments on vaping.” There are no carcinogens in nicotine, and I was surprised to confirm it. When I first went to my regular doctor, I told him I quit cigarettes, I’m vaping and ya, I know I’m still at risk for mouth/throat cancer". He said “No, you arent’. There is no carcinogens in nicotine.” I went home and looked it up, and yes he was right. Well, the receptionist started to say bad things about flavoring. I just said “You can get flavorings that are all natural, and the other ingredients in ejuice are not harmful and used in cough medicine and pills you take”. Well, she then proceeded to tell me that some patients were rude and vaped in the waiting room. I informed her that a law was passed in our county that prohibits vaping where ever cigs are prohibited. They were very glad to hear that.