Why would recipes with cream taste like rubber?

** Edited to clarify: my liquids always smelled awesome, there was no hint of rubber in their smell, only in their taste, and only the ones that included cream as an ingredient. **

A few years ago, I dabbled in making my own e-juice, and some were actually very good (like the grape bubblegum). But everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – that called for a cream flavoring tasted like rubber. I used various cream flavorings from several makers, and never could figure out why they tasted that way (my plastic bottles? Reacting to that specific liquid nicotine? My particular mod needed a lower percentage?)

Unless I can make friends with someone who lives near Madtown Vapor, where I currently buy all of my e-liquid, I’m obviously going to have to explore creating my own again. Any suggestions to help me solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.


How high did you use the creams, and how long did you steep them?


And which creams did you use?
(brand and flavor name please, if you can remember)


I followed the recipes exactly, and steeped them for the recommended amount of time. I’m not a very creative person, but I follow directions well.


These are the creams in my stash:

Catalan Cream (FA)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Sweet Cream (Cap)
Sweet Cream (TPA)
Vienna Cream (FA)

I used whichever brand the recipe called for, because I’m not sure which brands can be substituted for which.


I forgot which one, but sweet cream developed a weird taste at higher percentages, IME. What was the recipe?


First thing i would do is to find out up to where you can go with a specific cream. Would it be unpleasant at 0.5%,1%, higher? (in recipes; don’t vape creams solo since they are not all that great and you have problems with them). You would know your tolerance and what creams work best for you; might be that one company is worse than others and you at least will be able to search further - finding other creams, maybe of other manufacturers. The more info you have, the more you can adapt.

Other thing that is often overlooked is the amount of flavors used in recipes. If you’re making 5 years old recipes, then you should drastically lower the percents used in a recipe (that is mainly because we use much improved hardware nowadays that requires lower amounts of flavoring for optimal taste).

If nothing else helps, then you might have some kind of reaction to a specific chemical that others don’t recognize. I have problems with most berries for example that others don’t recognize it seems; pretty off-putting and i can clearly smell it in a recipe at 0.25% and taste it a little higher. Same with most cereals (other annoying chemical); most people (but not everyone) have issues with specific chemical used in coffees, many don’t taste the chemical used for a strawberry taste, some have issues with lemons, etc.

The more info you give, the more others can help. If you post your troubled recipe(s), more experienced mixers might be able to narrow the problem even if they never mixed that specific recipe. Info that you don’t have (or that you do) this same issue with some other recipes (meaning which ones specifically) might also help. Or that some commercial e-liquid with creams don’t give you rubbery taste. And so on…


Catalan Cream has a spicy note tonit that can be overwhelming to some …some may pick it up some may not

Sweet Cream TPA has BA in it so ot smells and taste funky for awhile and and doesnt always steep out ( baby puke )

Vienna Cream has a Acetone Smell.and taste chemically for a very long time

Sweet Cream Cap and FA Cream fresh shluld be fine but who knows really why these flavors tasted like that maybe they wetent used well in the recipes could ve a lot of different thinsg


Sounds like it may just be a personal issue with your taste-buds not liking artifical cream flavouring.

Hope not, but if you’ve tried all those variations across several different brands…

Even if that is the case and you’re doomed to always be tasting rubber when you use cream in a recipe, there’s still the option of substituting creams for other creamy base flavours like ice-cream, custard or white chocolate, or any other creamy flavour.

Might not perfectly match the recipe subbing out the cream but if cream tastes like rubber to you, then no recipe ever will anyway.


yyy, I can’t vape Vienna cream (FA)…it has a terrible off flavor for me. Even if I use it at small percentages in recipes, it ruins them …I have even tried to purchase it more than once thinking the first bottle was bad.


Its a long steeper , I havent used it in forever but really need to again just bc lol


Yeah, I’ve read that it takes a couple weeks for the acetone smell/taste to subside. It has forever left a bad taste for me…The unused Vienna cream I have left has turned black in the bottle, perhaps it has “aged” or conversely, just turned bad. I’m not going to use it again.


If you could show the %s of all of these recipes, someone may be able to spot a likely issue. If these recipes are old (2014) they may have been designed for another era of equipment. Many things to consider, but seeing the whole recipe is important if you want real help troubleshooting.


Ive heard that before about the Vienna turning dark I keep.all my flaves in refer and it is as clear as water …ive had for nore than a couple years


Which Sweet Cream, TPA or CAP?

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I think it was capella. But I couldnt really remember.