Wicking A Dripper Effectively

I came across this video on wicking recently (by cheesebanana) and thought I’d give it a shot, for a dripper I never pack the wick in my coils tight, I usually leave a little movement, then cut the wick ends long enough to tuck them under the coil forming a bed of cotton. His method packs the wick tight and cuts the wick short so it only touches the bottom of the juice well, but the important part is how he rolls the wick beforehand. I thought his method would dry hit early, but it doesn’t, I really like the vape and can vape longer between re-dripping, give it a try … http://bit.ly/1K4OOsK


I always cut the tails of the wicks so that they just touch the deck. Gotta be careful though not to over drip. Otherwise your drip tip becomes a straw and atomizer, an ejuice slurpee.

I don’t prep my cotton like that though. His method is quite wasteful.


yes it does waste cotton but cotton’s pretty cheap, what surprised me was packing the coils tight, the way he rolls the cotton beforehand works, try it the next time you re-wick.

For my 3.0mm coils I cut about 4.5mm of the jap cotton along the grains. I carefully remove the skin on both sides. Then pinch both ends and twist them. Finally I cut the strip in the middle against the grains and voila, two wick for two coils. I get three full wickings on one pad. I hate being wasteful.

I’ve tried all the different ways with all the different materials and this is what works best and efficient for me.

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Latest episode 90, Plumes of Hazard 1:12:36 into the video, Angsty talks about the wicking method.

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Aye… the Old Scottish Roll!

I tried this method on my Freakshow (yeah, still my favorite RDA)

This works! And it works very well. You can tell you’re wick is starting to get dry because the flavor will change some. For whatever reason though this method is awesome. Thank you Kevin for posting it.


yep, it defintiely works

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Just installed Scottish wicks in my Magma - OMG the flavor - there’s just so much of it!
I’m sold.
(was actually stopping by here to make sure that the forum had been made aware of this new-fangled method :stuck_out_tongue: )

Diamondo, as we said when I was young, Don’t knock it til you try it! The flavor is well worth a bit more cotton, and a Japanese cotton sheet is about .04 cents unless you’re buying packets of five sheets at a time.

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Scottish Roll + Temperature Control = Hell To The Yes

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I’ve tried it. TBH, too much effort for minimal change in the way I do things. I am quite content with my wicking skills.

well, you wanna share your method???

Scroll up to my post here. :grin:

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I have Staggered-Fused Claptons in my two Sub-Tank Mini’s. Claptons in all my RDA’s. I use Cotton Bacon in all of them. I have found if I jam as much cotton as I can fit into them and it being just loose enough to pull through I have excellent flavor. I have tried the Japanese cotton and the Scottish Roll method. To me, getting a lot of cotton in the coil is what makes the difference. Not the roll or the cotton itself. But I do prefer the Cotton Bacon. Inside my Kangers I fill the pockets on the sides of the atomizer as much as I can. I never get dry hits, and the flavor is insane. To each his own.

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Thank you Kevin for posting that method of wicking. It has been working for me very well. :+1:

Been vaping for about 10 months (1/16/15)
Been dripping for 9 months and have used a number of builds, a number of wicking techniques. Didn’t watch any of the videos above but did see ‘Rolling your wick’ mentioned and 'cutting the cotton to just touch the well… I’d say this is going to depend on the coil, some coils I prefer on a bed of cotton while others are barely left w a tail, just enough to touch the deck.

So when your dripping try to experiment some, just remember to keep it fluffy and give the juice a unrestricted path to follow and you’ll be good!

Roll pack roll snip and tuck… As lovely as that sounds

Well dang, take a few mins to watch the video and try this yourself. You just might learn something like I did.

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